Combined Arms: Sa-15 Tor SAM Tutorial | DCS WORLD

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DISCORD: (Junior GR)(15 or unders) Speak to AuntyStatic or Rage Infest in main discord to attain access.

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Correct me if i'm wrong ppl, but at 10:16 isn't it pointless to lead your aim, when firing vertical launching missiles?
If it weren't for the FOV limits of the tracking radar, you could be looking at any direction: the missile still makes the same kind of turn by itself right after launch.

Author — rubylight


The little radar above the main one is IFF anntena.

Author — Jordan Kungalov


I wish dcs did something similar to steel commander, where the tank controls were all simulated and modeled

Author — Carter Carrio


New Arctic version looks like fun to drive. 2 part vehicle that can swim and climb on flat ice bergs.
Btw M1 we got in DCS it should be able to fire on the move.

Author — TheGranicd


the sa15 can guide 2 missiles at once so if you want to give someone a hard time, you know what to do ;) (there is a ~4 sec delay till you can launch the 2nd missile)

Author — Fred H


Lead means squat when you are firing vertical Cap. As long as the radar is locked on it doesn’t mean anything. But if the enemy is moving sideways to the emitter isn’t that notching?

Author — NeoMorph WTH


It would be nice with some of these with human drivers in the "North" campaign (and in any other mission/campaign). Think how a human driver will be able to hide his vehicle - you could even "park" it in a railway tunnel to pop out when needed.

Author — cmibm


Correction by moving the TURRET you are not getting any lead, why?
In case of tunguska you will get a lead because the missile from tunguska is fired somewhat horizontal but in the case of thor the missile no matter what direction the turret is facing will always be launched vertically at an exact 90° angle once launched it will automatically turn towards the direction it needs to
Imagine it like a vls missile tube no matter where the ship is facing the missile always goes straight up then turn the Same happens with thor

Author — Vinayak Shankhdhar


I'm enjoying the shorter video series you started with combined arms! Thanks

Author — ntme9


Never knew you could do all that Cap, awesome!!

Author — TheSarge1975


A bit unrealistic for the 9M331 to go for the planes head-on, and not exploding with shrapnel some ways off the target.

Author — rkan2


This is the SAM unit used by Iran to take out the Ukrainian International commercial passenger jet which was flying in Iranian Airspace. Its downing resulted in Iran calling off the US/Iran airwar which was about to start. US F-35s had just taken off from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Syria and were heading towards Iranian Airspace. The US recalled their F-35 fighter jets once they found out no US soldier were killed in the base attack. Another L for Iran.

Author — Nick Thomas


This video features a more updated model of the Tor, but it's an interesting watch even if it is potentially or probably full of propaganda.

Author — Greg Atlas


When launching vertically, doesn that make leading irrelevant?

Author — Brian M. B. Pedersen


Do DCS have the C-Ram ( Sea Wiz in ships ) ground version in the game?

Author — Cool_Cat007 Smoove


Is the combined arms DLC worth it in your guys' opinion? I've been thinking about getting for a while, but usually isn't at the top of the DCS module acquisition priority.

Author — youdaspud


also i dont know how it is in DCS, but the TOR only needs to be stopeed to fire. once it fires it can move and still guide the missile.

Author — hartzaden


Can you drive it but turn the radar off for stealth?

Author — Ian Boys


Here after the Iran's strike on the Ukrainian 737...

Author — cr7sakib


Alright when is the Irom Dome coming to dcs?

Author — ItsMishki