Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic Ice | The UnXplained (Season 3)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

New research shows evidence of man-made pyramids in Antarctica, in this clip from Season 3, "Mysterious Ancient Ruins."


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💬 Comments

I can see where this is heading.There is an alien queen down in the pyramid and soon the Predators will show up.

Author — WeAllJuggleKnives


I am old enough to remember when The History Channel was about actual history.

Author — smithjlsmith


Probably a good idea to confirm it’s a pyramid before speculating on how a potential pyramid might have been built

Author — James T


Sometimes i see castle formations in coulds. Could our ancestors used to live in clouds? And if so, how did they built castles in it?

Author — Walk & Bike Tours


I love history channels logic.

"Why would they believe this if it was untrue?"

Author — Little Nimbus


What you should have thought about, wording the title: In 2017 a goelogical study found particles in core samples that disprove previous research of Antarctica not being habitable for millions of years. The new core samples show that Antarctica had green rainforest-like vegetation around 6000 years ago. Also, our drone found a mountain resembling a man made pyramid, it is far from a perfect mathematical square - but still, it could be a man made structure. Although it probably isn't.

Author — A


The researchers reached the north and south poles of the Earth, climbed to the tops of the highest mountains on the planet. A logical question arises: Why did not a single expedition reach these pyramids? Landing from a military transport aircraft together with builders along with a grader and a base can be deployed in a few hours, literally a few miles from the object under study.
Conclusion: the video is a lie.

Author — Viklad


An entire episode based on a clearly mistaken observation of a “perfectly” shaped mountain, explained by authors of science fiction books. And all this on the ‘HISTORY’ channel.

Rating is everything.

Author — Enduro & Trials Israel


I'm doubtful about man-made structures being there, but I'm thinking there ought to be numerous fossilized remains of animals buried deep below. Perhaps those of extinct species that evolved while isolated on the continent for millions of years before it drifted far enough south to be uninhabitable by them. Many kinds of interesting critters could have roamed that land once upon a time.

Author — Rudy Schwab


I love how they outline the perfectly square shape, but it's not perfectly square. looks more like a natural formation to me.

Author — Keelan Murphy


I am old enough to remember when The History Channel was about actual history.

Author — Kerri Todd


If something seen in nature resembles pyramid shape, and in this case the resemblance is minuscule, it doesn't mean at all that it is a man made pyramid. One could as well see familiar shapes in images from Mars and claim them to be man made. Oh well, they did already, didn't they.

Author — Keisari Augustus


This reminds me of when we got the footage from Mars and people believed it was the “face of a man“ on the red planet. However once we got better video we found out that it was nothing more than a natural rock formation. It performed a trick on the eye.

Author — RAPotics


Considering the state of the earth around its beginning and the fact that the surface temperature vs precipitation that would happen would make it take a very long time to fully be incapsulated in ice like it is now, I'm not surprised to know there is that kind of vegetation far beneath the ice. However, pyramids seem like a bit of a stretch.

Author — Witchlyn Productions


I remember a time when history was based on actual facts, not click bait.

Author — []#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•


“Why did they believe this if this is untrue” best sentence ever. 😂😂. The idiocy of an entire race summed up in nine words!!

Author — Mike


you know this is such an amazing discovery who knew mountains existed!

Author — Falk


With the way polar vortexes work, Antarctica is the most well preserved piece of history that will unveil itself maybe not in our time but near. The hottest will become the coldest and vice versa.

Author — Austin


When did the History channel start covering conspiracies? Growing up watching the history channel they always covered actual history and authentic historic events and ruins not some shot in the dark conspiracy.

Author — tobyxci


This pyrimyd/mountain was found years ago, they've had plenty of time to go examine the site and take samples. I mean it should be pretty easy to differentiate between natural and manmade on close inspection. The fact that it has been years since the discovery and we are still only being shown satellite images and speculation kinda makes me doubt that it is unnatural.

Author — Robert Z