FACTION WARS! New Monarchy vs. Dead Orbit Match w/ Hollowtide | Destiny (The Taken King)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Blessious and Hollowtide take the faction wars a little seriously.


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This would be amazing as an actual event in Destiny.

Author — DarkHeartedI


Dead orbit will always have a special place in my heart, but I love watching Blessious. STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!

Author — Kyle Lindquist


You should definitely do more of these, they're really cool and it's something new and fresh

Author — Carson Nova


Great idea for a series during the content drought. If you have the masks from Festival of the Lost, you could expand this series to 'Speaker v Traveller' or 'Atheon v Crota'. Keep up the great work dude :-)

Author — Bu11et Sp0nge44


yes please do another one Bless! that was a blast to watch!!

Author — C Lucanio


Very nice .. Give us an strategy for each map .. the gear and the guns and the class ... Show us your best rolls Mr Blessious !!

Author — Christian Montalvão


The Paleocontact with perfect balance and hidden hand coupled with the Vestian Side arm with reactive reload . High k/d outcome every time lol

Author — Fred Fred


I would love to see another faction wars video, but grab a third person for FWC

Author — Gabriel Metzger


Good vid. You should pick up some randoms and combine your scores to see who wins. Dead Orbit all the way.

Author — Doom Knight


FWC vs New Monarchy. That's a match-up to see! So many weapon choices.

Author — TimbrWolf 22


Do crucible weapons against vanguard weapons. With the weapons that came in year 2 as well if you want. :D

Author — Gabriel Robert-Niculae


Hope to see FWC soon. I rep that literally on all 3. Full infinite lines armor, exotic FWC class items, shaders, and ships. And full FWC guns :3

Author — Illyasviel von Einzbern


I wish the factions played a greater part in the game.

Author — IRosencrantz


Heck yeah do more! But I call shenanigans on Hollowtide for not rocking the whole Dead Orbit set of weapons at least. Gear, meh, whatever, but Bless, you did it up right all the way.

Author — Adam Hall


another would be great! I really enjoyed this!

Author — christopher cardinal


Definitely! But include FWC. And also, get a team of six, then go into classic free for all, the boot or have the three who aren't participating leave so it's just 1 v 1 v 1

Author — clicker mushroom


Can we count Iron Banner as a faction? Haakon's Hatchet, and Nirwen's Mercy FTW!

Author — KCBRUIN


you should do a full 6man New monarchy team in crucible. I would be down to join that

Author — Dr_StayFLY


Just an idea. What if you expanded this. Private match between 3 dead orbit members against 3 new monarchy members. elimination.
Basically like what you did in this vid, but incorporating 6 people instead of two. It'll probably be difficult to find all those people, but it would be really cool.
Keep up the good work, man! really enjoying your videos.

Author — Freddy Hewitt


hollow tide should have used dead orbit secondary and heavy weapons as well

Author — Glen Gaming