Netanyahu Visits Putin Ahead of Knesset Elections to Talk Politics, Ask For Russian Vote

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Netanyahu Visits Putin Ahead of Knesset Elections to Talk Politics, Ask For Russian Vote 4
After Makhachkala, Vladimir Putin visited Sochi, where he had negotiations with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel. Next week, Israel will have snap elections for the Knesset. And Netanyahu is boosting his party's ratings inside the country, while again emphasizing his good, personal relationship with Putin and close ties with Russia. The relations are trust-based, but pragmatic - there's a lot of difficult issues. Iran, Syria, the north of Africa, the United States's interference in Middle Eastern affairs. The talks lasted for about three hours.

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Not sure why Putin is meeting with the Synagogue of Satan after their extermination of 30 million Orthodox Christians in Russia. Those Talmudic Zionists should not be allowed to set foot in the Holy Rus.

Author — Euro-American Resurrection


Putin : Sorry, it is illegal to set up a kind of aipac group at any corner across Our Russian Fatherland.

Author — Lasno Haja


Smeagol Netanyahu should be arrested in Russia for War crimes and crimes against humanity not welcomed.

Author — yfelwulf


Israel's PM, the wicked, evil murderous power stricken warmonger out begging for collaborators before he strikes Iran!

Author — The1forGod


PUTIN say's no more. JUDAS ISCARIOTE...

Author — Cesar Diaz


such meetings once again confirm that politics is very dirty and dishonest business

Author — John Smith


I like Russia. I like their people, their language, their culture and civilization. But this ain't it, chief. Diplomacy is good, and I know Putin is a very diplomatic and pragmatic man. But sooner or later he needs to realize that Israel is not a state with which one can engage in diplomacy.

Author — Issa Dashti


Israel seeks for votes to grab more illegal land

Author — CheerUpPeople


Wipe out israel !
Long Live Putin and Russia !

Author — Rui Simões


I just love the comments are an endless bombartment OBLITERATING Netanyahu ! 🤗

Author — JAffacakeSON BLAHA


Next on CNN: Putin hacking Israeli election😂😂.

This time Netanyahu ask it

Author — I'm a racist guy to be honest


How putin & Russia meet such inhuman illegal leader who killed thousands of innocent people?

Author — Light of Islam


"Israel" is the most dangerous nation on Earth, in what way have they been a friend to Russia?

Author — Maurizio Vetro


Vladimir's guard has a sixth sense 4:56 Supersoldiers?

Author — youtube youtube


I am very worried about the good relationship of Putin with this devilish person

Author — Isabelle Keyzer


War is coming big time.Whet they talk peace war will be for sure.

Author — Staszek Golab


DOWN WITH NETANYAHU - I sure hope this guy gets voted out, I'm sick to death of seeing him around all the time

Author — Sweet Tender Charles


Now, this is a firm diplomatic straight up politics for a change.
That's refreshing
God bless Vlad, good people whatever the origin.
Salute, Mr. Putin

Author — SzymekG


We have a very complicated history with Israel but most Israelis have some kind of Russian or eastern Slavic (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) decent. Without us Israel wouldn’t exist so they know their place with Russia and we remind them should they wonder from it. US is nothing more than a little dog to them, Israel has become very reckless and we condemn government cruelty towards Israelis and Palestinians, they will find their place soon or they won’t have one.

Author — Михаил Абдулов


Bibi is probably the world's greatest Terrorist!

Author — So You Think.