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Debunking Fake Banana Hack Viral Videos
Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking fake viral banana video hacks. Discussing panama disease (fusarium wilt or TR4) that is affecting bananas. And answering the questions: Do banana peels protect you from UV? Do bananas protect you from the sun? Can you eat banana peels? Do bananas make plants grow? Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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This was fascinating! Especially about the banana disease, GMO and the ripening process- thanks for the video I definitely learnt something!

Author — Eva Bloom


ann is every students' worst nightmare: someone who actually tracks down the cited sources

Author — ttclpuccadrama


Can we all just give Dave a big shoutout for being the unspoken hero of this series?

Author — Mariana Caroline


Ann: “Where on earth did they get this idea?!”

Them: Banana Boat is a brand of sunscreen so maybe regular bananas will do the same thing...?

Author — Matthew Gunselman


“Even monkeys peel bananas” OMG, Dave is such a treasure to the world.

Author — Koobs


Holy shit Anne is the kind of friend you need when stalking your crush. That woman managed to track one of the biggest myths about bananas that has been going on for many years all over the world. About. Bananas.

Author — TheArymerlin


Please tell Dave we truly appreciate his suffering on our behalf.

Author — Nathan Binns


*One bad sunburn increasea your risk of melanoma*
Me whose been sun burned on many occasions: looks like my free trial of living may end

Author — Zoe Mochi


I don’t understand why people are against GMO? With plants, nearly every vegetable you eat has been modified at some time to make it more edible.

Author — Galaxy Potato


"Did you know that just one bad sunburn while you're a child or a teenager can double your risk of melanoma as an adult?"

Me who had been badly sunburnt the majority of my summers as a child: oops

Author — Atom Kuehne


8:47 "Then I'll just get some rosemary from my garden..." Flex

Author — Quinn 78


My housemate thinks I’m mad but I’ve always kept my bananas in the fridge for them to last longer. Always good for smoothies

Author — Roly


Dave :- “Do we trust her?”
Me :- “Oh yes, more than anyone else on YouTube”

Author — Sandra Allen


I just got a full on ted talk about bananas, and I don't regret it

Author — Lieke van den Boom


Actually, there is something called saba banana which originates in the Philippines which mostly used for cooking (even when ripe, the "meat" of the fruit is a bit tough, but exposing it to heat by means of boiling really softens it). While cooking it unripe is usually a common diet regime for people in the provinces, the cooked semi-ripe to ripe version of it is a common dessert favorite amongst Filipinos (ie. Banana-Q). I think Dave might like the cooked version of the ripe saba. Goes really well with chocolate, caramel and brown sugar, but it's good to eat on its own.

Author — Ryma Racabre


That triple banana time-lapse at the beginning was one of the most depressing things I've ever seen. Fantastic.

Author — Smorphilicator


“I don’t want it to taste bad for Dave.” That’s some character development right there

Author — Ave Vee


They do realize that seedless bananas are already genetically modified, right? If somebody is super super anti- GMO then they wouldn't eat seedless bananas anyway.



The banana+chocolate thing is a campfire treat. You put chocolate and marshmallow in it, tinfoil it and cook it on a barbeque or in a campfire. Microwave works too I guess. It's amazing.

Author — Hells Malice


She bake,
She make cake,
But most importantly,
She expose the fake.

Author — Gaming with Leah