TOP 25 Most Dangerous Airports in the World | TOP 25| Landing and Take-Off| AVIATION CLUB

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TOP 25 Most Dangerous Airports in the World | TOP 25| Landing and Take-Off| AVIATION CLUB 4.5

Here is a compilations of some of the most dangerous airports in the world.
Some of these are dangerous because of the weather or geographical location. Some airports are in ther middle of nowhere, others are in the center of a city. Another one is on a island and one Airports is even on the beach. All these airports have something in common. They are demaning!
This video is not complete. They are more dangerous airports in the world. This video only presents some of it.
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Aviation Club

2. Agatti Aerodrome, Lakshadweep, India
3. Cleveland Hopkins International
4. Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar
5. Kansai International Airport, Japan
6. Wellington International Airport, New Zealand
9. Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin
10. Paro Airport, Bhutan
11. Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Ecuador
12. Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland
13. Lukla Airport, Nepal
14. Madeira Airport, Portugal
15. Los Angeles (LAX)
16. Ice Runway, Antarctica
17. Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong
18. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island
19. Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthélemy
21. Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand
22. Courchevel Altiport, France
24. Congonhas Airport, Brazil
25. Barra International Airport, Scotland

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Just another day in the life of a pilot. No danger here except to the untrained.If it was so dangerous they would not be flying into it

Author — JAlly Farms


Rather poor. Spectacular airports are mixed with truly dangerous ones.

Author — andy99ish


To: Aviation Club
Please, what's the name of the music from the Los Angeles airport video?

Author — Luiz Bosio


Ha! I’ve landed in 4 of those! Number 1 is pretty crazy. You basically fly just over houses on a hillside to land...

Author — Red Meat 2nd Amendment


Geiles Video, aber was ist mit London City oder Innsbruck?

Author — Train & Plane Impulse


Don't see a single "'most dangerous airport" on this video. THEY ALL COMPLY ICAO RULES AND REGULATIONS.

Author — Woody Lakkham


The BER in Berlin is the most dangerous airport. Noone dared landing there for 10 years.

Author — Rudolf Wickond


1:30 the only way this approach would be "dangerous" is if, as you allege, Pilots have to consume alcohol to do it! PLEASE!🤨

Author — Carl Williams


Wow ranking Los Angeles International Airport as a dangerous Airport heck John Wayne in Orange County is more dangerous than that

Author — Mike P 1


I visited Lakshadweep Airport.. It's scary indeed....

Author — Gorachand Barman


I thought Barra airport was only domestic.

Author — nochblad55 Ian


i think the term top25 is used loose here

Author — Tony Philips


Not on your life would you get me on this plane OR runway!! No way Jose!!!

Author — Patti Dale


Dammam King Fahd Int. Airport (Saudi Arabia) gives a new meaning of " Build it and they will come". That's alot of OIL MONEY baby!

Author — Parapsychologists


Madeira being called an artificial runway is silly. Every single one of them is artificial bar the first one. Dubious collection.

Author — m rashid


Come out to Unalaska / Dutch Harbor Alaska. Or an easy dozen other Alaska runways.

Author — BrianUnAK


Why has Los Angeles (LAX) been dubbed dangerous?
I'm from South America, and I've been there on two
separate occassions with no issues

Author — Maria Lorente


We went to Riverside, much better than LAX. Best to take a ship to this New Zealand.

Author — granskare


Damn, I want to visit all of them, must be really exciting flying into a dangerous airport

Author — Shaun Pierce


NRT seems to me more difficult than KIX.
The reason why, NRT has 2 NS runways, but wind brows strong EW.
Very very hard to handle aircrafts when touching down.

Author — Lars Ulrichie