Lithuanian straw ornaments with my Bobute

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Lithuanian straw ornaments with my Bobute 5

Ona Keraminas making staudinukai, Lithuanian straw ornaments. Traditionally, these would have been made with wheat or rye straw, but Lithuanian-Americans will often use plastic drinking straws. On a makes her ornaments with only scissors, a needle, string, and straws– absolutely no glue is used for her designs.

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She explains with such patience 😌 can't wait to try it... Thank you for sharing her precious knowledge!

Author — Jo


Thanks for sharing this skill / tradition. We need more videos capturing skills we are losing.
Your grandmother seems like an interesting woman. ;)
Ignore that dopey thumbs down... just a troll/hater.

Author — Not Your Uber Mom Driver


When she says she is doing a loop, she is making a knot, right?

Author — Lyd


What a lucky person you are to have such a great grandmother

Author — Donna Tisoncik