France strikes: Thousands protest Macron's pension reform | DW News

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France strikes: Thousands protest Macron's pension reform | DW News 5

In France, thousands of people have hit the streets in another day of national strikes and protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reform. Macron’s push to change the pension system has unleashed one of the longest strike actions in France in decades. It's caused weeks of travel chaos at French train stations and airports. DW's Lisa Louis reports from Paris.

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None of this on cnn, abc, nbc, CNBC, pbs, fox

Author — m m


Nothing about this on the bbc, ch4 or any msm in the uk....i wonder why?

Author — boosted13B


And they were saying how Brexit would lead to civil unrest.

Author — wildsurfer12


work longer pay more taxes and when its time to get your pension the goverment desides to tax your pension more

Author — Jasper Edwards


Western democracy is so corrupted that their so called 'elected' government ministers don't listen or serve the people. Instead these bureaucrates propagandise and spins for the neoliberal elite and oligarchy.

Author — Allan Davies


4:28 "the government needs to show they can push through..."
* gets pushed through by the police (government)

Author — Shawn Li


I surprised the French riots are never shown on British TV
BBC or sky news have never shown them in wonder why

Author — Morad Rad


Government literally pushed through @04:31. You have to love live TV.

Author — Motheo Khoaripe


Open borders and Mass migration not free they have to come up with schemes to pay for it.

Author — Xmc X


That´s also part of democracy, wondering why media in my country doenst show....

Author — Gustav Gans


The elites sold the west out to China.They are destroying farming, energy, social security, education on and on..

Author — Bertrand de Born


It is all about money. France is running out of money, they spent it all on bad immigration policies for many years.

Author — Kimbo


Nothing about this in Australian news, ever, even on YouTube.
We need a lot more uploads so we know what's going on in Europe. Your news is being suppressed worldwide by the American media.

Author — Bad Dog


Americans take note: pension cuts also coming to our shores soon.

Author — PT


"Do you hear the people sing singing the song of angry man"🎶

Author — Haruki Nakamura


Congratulations France! This is what people power looks like. The only thing other countries can achieve together is to complain in unison. The chance of ending your working life in poverty is ever increasing.

Vive la France!

Author — Phil Porter


Honestly I can’t be the only one waiting to see the day a youtube video pops up of the people of France finally FINALY getting back there backbones and taking Macroon to the guillotine and holding his head up in pride as they take back there nation like the good old days

Author — Elly O


War war war everywhere politician makes money to kill people for higher job money

Author — Yasmine Nazarine


do the police realize they are part of the public sector that this effect them as well bunch of brainwash tools

Author — j dean


For the people of France,
To Establish a New Paris Commune !

Author — Hakuna Metata