Crossout #670 ► TITANIUM TYRANT - Massive 4x Cannon fusion tank Build & PvP Gameplay

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

#TitaniumTyrant is an awesome fusion crawler tank build in #Crossout designed for PvP by Sethioz and SharkNado. It's equipped with 2x executioner + 2x tsunami cannons. Quad cannons, OH MY! That makes it a tough mother honker!

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You guys are amazing 👍 that’s a cool fusion. Keep up the great work. 👊

Author — SpudGun(Uk)


Fusions actually are OP, but That's the tradeoff for having to rely on your teammate for movement and combat. So it's in no way noobish.

Author — Temnelc


Awesome build. I've been telling people to lift their fusions so their's only one driver.
1. Fast turning 360° weapons work better for the carried.
2. My favorite 2m build I've come up with is a super fast bottom (drones, sheilds, traps, ect) carrying a tank as a shell (they can shoot all the people chasing) personally I build the bottom like a big "U" because I find platforms a waste of parts/ps and I like giving my partner the option to detach and drive away.

Author — Dragon's Off-Meta Gaming


The little whiny noobs. Everyone knows if you have a fusion on your team, you protect it. Just the same as you would a mandrake or kaiju. at least you do that if you want to win.
But of course they would rather rush in and die one at a time like lemmings. Its sad how often you find true Noobs with clan tags in this game.

It looks like a really solid build. great video.

Author — Cazador


I don't like premieres because I don't like to wait xD I prefer when an episode appears suddenly :D

Author — Piotr pogromca


If i were Lettow, im just resign from my clan wars than have to embarass them because my whinning

Author — Enjoying Solitude


Shark :"I go in deckung" xD

nice fusion btw

Author — Liza ._.


Hey Sethioz how about and updated video for your tutorial on clan wars

Author — StriateCactus57