60 MINUTES of the Funniest ANIMALS! | Funny Pet Videos October 2018

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60 MINUTES of the Funniest ANIMALS! | Funny Pet Videos October 2018 4

Missed all of last weeks videos for Funny Pet Videos? No problem! We bring you the Best of the Week for Funny Pet Videos! A recap every single video into one 1 Hour Long Compilation just for you!

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💬 Comments on the video

some of the people filming these need a slap

Author — Anon Amoss


Once again, it proves, to never own a cat!

Author — a warriorspirit


Now THAT .. Reminds me of one of MINE ! Get all muddy ; Then get in the drinkin water tub !

Author — Stanley Wilkins


One minute and 25 seconds. What kind of dog is that?

Author — TMNTlover870312 or TMNTlove870312


Some of it was an animal cruelty!! Don´t do it!

Author — kfj dsoihf


-me coloring minding my own business-
- girl- "Luke get out of his but"
-me- -rematches- okay now Luke

Author — Lindsay Kimrey


The puppy I slide I don’t want to move

Author — Adrian Barry


ustedes son las "yolette"del youtube

Author — Gus M. A.


1:54 jfc ever heard of a vacuum cleaner?? disgusting

Author — Shawn


The cat one with the dog one was biting the cat's neck that was inappropriate

Author — Linda Chatelain


not funny u r screwing with animals to make u laugh. What if someone threw a snake at u while u were chilling? funny? scarry? maybe assault? get your laughs at your own expense not some poor innocent animal!

Author — Bill Hubbs


when you have a good video i wish you would let the camera run for a while i don't like it when
i get 10 seconds of video then it cuts off and goes to another some video's are really good
while others not so much there should be a way to rate each clip from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best

Author — steven herrold


Let's watch my child dodge a train for likes on the Internet! That's the dude who let the monkey lick the child.

Author — cyril wingnek


Cats are sensitive so they can make many funny scenes kkkk

Author — CutiLeo


Wow, there's some crappy parenting and pet ownership on display in this one. :(

Author — Nancy Hedge


22:27 A pet is not a toy to be locked away in a *little* box, when your finished playing with it. That tiny cage is torture. It's less room than what most prisoners have to move around. 😡

Author — HiYa Pal


love animals protect nature nice video

Author — Funny Animal Videos


Que j'adore ce moment là, où les chiens ce roulent dans la boue... j'suis tellement du genre... Ouaiiis ! moi aussi !!!! et a me rouler dans la boue. Très bonne vidéo :D

Author — lynda roy


I only made it to about 9 minutes of the video. A lot of animal abuse. Letting a dog drag a cat, scaring a cat for the owners amusement, blowing in a cats face and not helping your cat that has a can on their head are NOT something I find funny. Lots of crappy pet owners in this video.

Author — Robinh4