Ross Kemp - Back on the Frontline | S01E01 - E05 Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World

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Ross Kemp - Back on the Frontline | S01E01 - E05 Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World 4.5

Watch the entire Ross Kemp Back on the Frontline series in this compilation! In this series, Ross goes back to Afghanistan to join both the US and UK troops on the ground and for the first time ever, comes face to face with the Taliban.

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Ross deserves more credit for going to these places and risking his life to share the stories with us. So brave, Well Done!

Author — Mak Holden


a Ross Kemp documentary will never let you down.

Author — chim


ISAF will leave in 2014
I got back from that hell hole in 2018
now 2020 my brother is there
and in the future probably my son or my grandsons will be there

Author — Shiro Yasha


"I don't really know what an unharvested corn field looks like." "A corn field. It looks like a corn field."

Author — Scotty McScott


ross kemp: *crapping his pants*
US marines: it's all good.

Author — Caleb Orella


this guy is a great story teller i watch everything he post

Author — The Man


I'm sorry to say that if the Afghan national army are more concerned with breakfast than fighting the taliban then they don't deserve men like travis who gave his life to help them

Author — Slade Wilson


awesome man i love ur work and how u risk ur life so people back home can see

Author — Jaomir Courtar


Visits a US military base to see if it's true American soldiers have better gear and living standards...goes to a marine base. Oops.

Author — johnny rebel


* Thank God, I Served in the 80's, *Afghanistan, Looks like F/ing * Hell.

Author — Edward Nakagawa


Whoever drew those masterpieces on the walls has hella talent. Great juxtaposition as well.. beauty amongst death

Author — jonathan wilson


Well if the colonies were still in place, this would never happen. The region would be stable and developed and people safe and educated, with decent livelihoods. Who says they could not govern themselves? With some help? But in some regions the barbaric elements are so strong that without outside intervention they would sink back to a medieval hellhole. Heck not even in European middle ages such wanton cruelties were carried out just "because". Sharia is pure evil.

Author — Finwaell


Anyone else remember watching him in Ultimate Force? Got tired of acting and decided to live it I guess.

Author — Poxyquotl


How does this man not have 1 million subs, loads of YouTubers literally look at vids and get millions and he’s risking his life.
What a legend

YouTube if you see this get him to 1mill

Author — Ryan Hussey


I would gladly go back with Ross to help him bring these stories to the civilian knowledge bucket.
I was in the Army from 1989 to 2005 and served 4 tour’s and I know we did our best during that time. I lost 2 of my soldier’s by an ambush in near Herat. I think of them every day and miss them very very much.
I also had a chance to serve with some Australians and they were some amazing troops. They really impressed me with their brotherhood and their ability to take it to the enemy.
I wish all of you that served in your counties armed forces, peace and prosperity in your life and may you find inner peace if you struggle with the unfortunate side of warfare.

Author — Chris R


“Kempy” 😂 ahh gotta love the military.

Author — bpg brooks


47:02 So professional The best soldier ❤

Author — Sebastian Aguilar


Such a compelling story.

By far one of the most satisfying 3 hours & 33 minutes I have ever seen.

Author — Nipulkrad Msinatagras


So weird, the Brits send soldiers across the world to fight the enemy when they could have saved time and money and just fought the enemy in England. England is nothing but hypocrisy and soon it will be like France. The middle east response to the Christian crusades hundreds of years on.

Author — Mr Awesome


*Meet the medic!*
_Insurgency edition_

Author — henrey