Jalen Rose dissects Robert Sarver's statement about selling the Suns & Mercury | Jalen & Jacoby

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Jalen Rose dissects Robert Sarver's statement about selling the Suns & Mercury | Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discusses Robert Sarver beginning the process to sell the Phoenix Suns and Mercury.

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Let's get rid of Dolan next! He's not nice to even former players!

Author — Craig Powell


Oh a man of faith after the fact, but not before huh? 😂 religion is funny.

Author — fadethechannel


Two down, one more to go. New York fans... its coming lol

Author — Kingdom Kash


unfortunately your personal life is nolonger yours it belongs to the masses, And jalen you can thank The BLM movement and the woke people who deemed it necessary to dig up people's past transgressions to get there way. 5his society is going down a rabit hole that we will not be able to climb out of. So this blame falls on
everybody not just the owner who said or did something someone found offensive but the plsyers who say and do things also do care who a person is god fearing or not to some extent we have all done it, If you say you never have then your lieing to yourself.

Author — geekhan559


Anyone down to go splitsies on the Mercury? I got $$20.

Author — jlam


Is there any way that we can make it just as punishable/damaging for black people when they use racial discrimination?

Also can we disconnect the explicit rap culture from the league? There are many times I'm watching warm ups, team practices and even during ESPN shorts and highlights where there is a heavy racial undertone and highly misogynistic tone.

But just like many areas of society, it's just glossed over and called "culture".

Author — marcvic _


God forgives people for their sins that repent why can't people forgive?

Author — Gohan