Roman Reigns Furious...Ronda Rousey Fired Trending...Becky Lynch Bashed...Sad News Andrade...

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Intro 0:00
Braun Strowman shows off body transformation 0:33
Jai Vidal signs with Impact Wrestling 1:24
Dustin Rhodes had fallout with his father Dusty 2:30
Undertaker on his daughter entering pro wrestling 3:10
Lacey Evans waiting for WWE phone call 3:46
Colt Cabana addressed podcast hiatus 4:17
Fans offer to donate kidneys to Konnan 4:52
Saraya admits to making mistake after AEW promo 5:48
Andrade undergoes surgery for torn pec 6:20
Roman Reigns unhappy after Survivor Series 6:48
Kevin Owens injury update 7:55
Danhausen is the victim of hit and run car accident 8:25
Kurt Angle on matches between Braun Strowman & Triple H 8:55
Fire Ronda Rousey trends on social media 9:53
Becky Lynch criticized for sucking up to WWE fans 10:12

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I say good for Becky. After 4 months out she seemed legitimately happy to be back on RAW and happy to see the fans again. Even if some consider that a minor break in her recent character, to me it would bse hard to ask someone to act opposite to their true nature at all times just for a character. She loves business. Nothing wrong with showing that amd being greatful for the chance to live the privilege of being a professional wrestler and performing for a living in front of millions of people chanting your name (at the show and at home). She's worked hard. Let her enjoy the moment.

Author — Steven Hubbard


Ronda Rousey is the female Erik Watts of wrestling 💯



Does anyone remember when Dave Meltzer reported that after Ronda got booed at the weigh-in for the Amanda Nunes fight she got so distraught that Dana White himself had to plead with her not to drop out of the fight?

Author — Bosco Pappas


I'm so proud of Adam (Braun) - he realized that he needed to make a change with his body and he did that. Just like Big Show, carrying that much weight and a high body fat ratio will take its toll, especially trying to be a wrestler where you have so much impact on your joints. Also, when you look at his gf Raquel, who is big but definitely in shape, I'm sure it was a motivating factor.

Author — James Rawlins


Konnan is a lucky guy to have such a caring fan base for something like this

Author — iRenz0


Fans: Fire Ronda
Ronda Rousey: *let's the fans get to her emotions* ight imma head out

Author — Keith_ Dark _ Savage Thomas


The Fire Ronda thing won’t work. It took over a year for Velveteen Dream to get fired, even though he really deserved it

Author — Ian Feuerhake


So becky was playing the part of a face.... oh my god! Let's just fire her why don't sit down, Jimmy.

Author — Eddie Hancock II


Braun’s body transformation is nothing short of epic and inspiring

He deserves to take it in

Author — Pepito


I love when toxic fans gets mad over a botched move 😂

Author — Ivan


So 3 days after Survivor Series and all the dirt sheets been talking about Reigns being pissed because of KO. Has anyone ask KO about it or we just gonna milk this for 3 months?

Author — Lordbeagle


Braun looks better on the outside. I hope he's also good on the inside :D

Author — Guyin Hisownworld


@3:46 what did Undertaker mean when he said, “as long as there is no Paul Orndorff?”

Author — David Miles


I wouldn't know if Andrade was hurt or not. You never really see him on any of the AEW shows.

Author — Colder Than A Polar Bear Sleeping In A Freeze


She needs to go back UFC she keep making injuries our favorites wrestlers

Author — Jkaye12


Even with triple H in charge the booking is still lukewarm like we need a real shake up

Author — Blue


If Rhonda was fired she would be stripped of the title and as far as I know she has not been fired yet because she's still listed as Smackdown women's champion so I don't believe that part of the report that she's been fired/ released

Author — Ray Johnson


Ronda needs to work her skin up a bit so it'll toughen up. If she can't handie it then she needs to drop wrestling.

Author — Polar Family


Personally I think Rousey should have been fired a long time ago. I don't think anyone should allowed to take part in an industry that they have no respect for and Rousey has zero respect for professional wrestling. She has said things that would make Roddy Piper roll over in his grave. As far as I'm concerned, Ronda Rousey is not welcome.

Author — OJ McClanahan


I thought that Darren Young from NXT way back in the day that stopped wrestling for WWE was the first openly gay wrestler, and I believe he left because of it. It's really cool to see a story where people are getting noticed and accepted but it kind of seems bold to say they're the first gay wrestler. Yes I got to consider all the closet gay wrestlers from the '70s and the '80s that had to hide it because it wasn't accepted.

Author — anthony gregory