2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 ABS Ride Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Thanks This is the 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 with ABS, a short ride review

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First, awesome review, thank you for shedding light on these boomer sport touring sleepers.

I owned a 2010 1050 for several years until a soccer mom snapped my tibia.

The best motorcycle I've ever owned is the 1050 Tiger.
The triple is just fantastic. Predictable power, that pulls all day. Tame enough to forgive the uninitiated; responsive enough to excite when roused. The 1050, in my opinion, is among the best in the sport touring / I wish I were an adventure bike category.

If A to B is a L O N G way, the stock 1050 will provide enthusiastic comfort for the duration.

These aging Tigers need good forever homes. I applaud you shedding light on then.

Millenials take note, these bikes are fantastic and well worth the price they're clinging to.

Author — David L.


I have an 07 as well, 56, 000 miles, the bike is still AMAZING! Smile every time I ride it. The most reliable bike I've ever owned, it does drink a little oil. Its getting a little long in the tooth, been test riding possible replacements, I have test rode MANY bikes, there's nothing reasonably priced that I'll replace it with, all these new bikes seem like a downgrade, even the new Tiger 900 Sport. All bells, whistles and gimmicks don't make it a great bike. Guess I'll keep it till the wheels LITERALLY fall off.

Author — Chris H


I have a 2009 Tiger 1050. Love it, best bike I’ve ever had and I’ve a few. The only downside are the headlights which are terrible…so I’ve fitted aftermarket spotlights which help. I also found the stock rear suspension was a bit too bouncy so I replaced the rear shock to an adjustable unit.

Author — chris r


Great review, I love my 2011 triumph tiger 1050, ticks all the boxes for me, it's very hard to fault!

Author — TheSteps62


Yes, a white '07 ABS model that I picked up a few months ago from a friend who was the original owner. There is also a "13 1200GS in the garage but I'm enjoying the Tiger so much more. Love the road feel and it's confident manner. Your review is spot on, excellent brakes and comfort. I hope I don't have to get down to just one
All the best.

Author — 0616ko


I've owned a 2011 Tiger 1050 SE, great sport tourer. Would I take it off road, not really. These 1050 tigers are designed more for the road due to non spoked wheels and 17" front wheel. Go the Tiger 800 or 1200 if you want better off-road capability

Author — Solrak


Great review fella. Very well narrated. Top job 👏. I'm now on the hunt for 1. Thanks

Author — Bounce Mad


Awesome bike. I rode mine round Australia...twice! 😄

Author — Lofty Visions


Thanks for your great video mister! I’m having a look to get my first big bike and it seems to be a very nice option for money value 😁

Author — Fabi Mor


I have the same Tiger 1050. I bought her last year. I am so happy with this bike.I am 62. i will stay with this bike.

Author — christian waldner


these seem way to cheap on the used markets and look amazing imo.
I wanted to get a Tracer 900 but I could get this one for half the price or even less.

Author — gbner99


yeah, what a nice bike, 3cilinder in line, really cool engine.
what i still miss on new motorcycles are locks on the oil&coolant

Author — Geert Sturm


you just convinced me to buy one, thanks!

Author — Thijs de Haan


Great review, looking to buy one soon

Author — Midnight Rider


Guess I'll add my input since I've owned mine for 2 yrs... Power is plenty... Top speed average... Clunks into first... Very tall bike... Gets hot quick... Get a lighter exhaust... Do not mess with anything electrical... Get rid of sai system... And don't expect a compy long ride

Author — Bryan Miller


Tr I test rode one yesterday man it's awesome !! Ergonomics simply fantastic.

Author — Rodney Woods


"ergonomics are a big part of their DNA, they really look to keep you comfortable" - a man who's never ridden a Daytona 675

Author — Chris W.


I smoke Ducati's, Aprilia's, BMW's on the backroads all day long on my 2007 1050, even had guys get off their Touno (yes I want one), do a walk around my bike and say "WOW, you really throw that thing into the corners" If there was ever a sleeper bike, this is it, so sad they stopped selling them in USA. (Thats why I'm dreaming of the Touno).

Author — Thomas


What off road tyres would you recommend for this bike?

Author — vijey kumar


Very nice ... I have a tiger 1050 '11(121000 km) I want to ask you, which aftermarket company is the windshield?....thanks!!

Author — MrDuke TravelMotoVlog