Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2017

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Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2017 4.5
Welcome to JukinVideo's Top 100 Viral Videos of 2017! We've collected the best videos from this year and are ready to serve them up to you. From bear attacks to creepy clams, playful pranks to kid catastrophes and everything in between, check out the top 100 for the silliest, craziest, and most relatable videos of the year. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments!

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Автор — JukinVideo


"Ah man I'm not ready for kids" lmao😂😂

Автор — ッoofdolan


i'm lookin at some Darwin awards here....

Автор — AffordBindEquipment


28:47 I’m so sorry for laughing so hard😂😂😂😭😭😭

Автор — TaeKookie


28:33 oh man it knows what it's doing xD

Автор — Najwan Zozo


The little girl at number one was just an idiot😂 “if he wants to pull me in let me just sit on the ledge... what could go wrong!”

Автор — Lazer Luke


First one already makes me sick. Gosh.

Автор — imthefunny 07


The cat surprise was so adorable, oh geez i'm too soft uwu



0:35 happening? I've seen the video without the glitch but now it's there? What the hell XD

Автор — The art wolf T.a.w


I cried when the baby saved the other baby.... that’s so sweet

Автор — Honey Tea


A tip for next years video: instead of using cheesy catch phrases as the viral video titles, use the title of the original video title for each number - that way these people can get a little bit more credit - and we can find the videos easily if we want to watch the full length versions.

Автор — Bitplex


At least we know what type of driver Elena is😂😂 (vid 74)

Автор — Alex Delgado


Some of these videos don't deserve to have gone viral

Автор — Bad Drivers of Bangalore


18:33 did they Photoshop the girls' nipples away??

Автор — Watchuseek


5:53 man I thought I had a fear of heights

Автор — Lox Dino


That little boys laugh was the cutest ever!❤❤❤

Автор — Kea Williamson


Lol 86# sounds like Draconite Dragon, aka Draco from ItsFunneh XD

Автор — Lunar's World Of Fanfiction