GTA Online: God Mode Speedo Griefer Gets His Day Ruined LOL...

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GTA Online: God Mode Speedo Griefer Gets His Day Ruined LOL... 5

This player using a God Mode Speedo in combination with the RC Bandito God Mode Off Radar Glitch was going around griefing others, until I stepped in...

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💬 Comments on the video

Rockstar: game breaking glitch 😴

Rockstar: being able to get in the back of the bombushka 😨😨😨🤢

Author — Kevin Landers


Imagine being so bad at a game as casual as GTA Online that you have to use multiple glitches to get kills and STILL can’t win. 💀

Author — ant


If only Rockstar paid as much attention to god mode glitches as they do money and outfit glitches

Author — i wobi


It's funny how these glitches can be for for years while outfit glitches can be out for a few months and money glitches can be out for just hours, if not MIN UTES. It just shows how garbage the company is

Author — I'm Forgotten Loyalty


We not gonna talk about the jetpack vibing at 13:06

Author — Screw Face


That need for speed most wanted cop chase song brought back many memories 😂😂💯

Author — Dante’ Hoffstead


Omg he kept killing me with his Speedo custom glad you go him

Author — Jake Smith


7:52 I like how you tried to justify your sanity. Don't worry, we all go a little crazy in some ways playing GTA online...

Author — Marcos Morales


Speedo Griefer:
**hears Most Wanted chase music**

Also him:
Current Objective... *SURVIVE*

Author — Saint's Shadow


Moneyglitch: Gets fixed within days
Gamebreaking godmode glitch: Works for years
Rockstar knows what's more important. It's microtransactions for sharkcards.

Author — RaimaNd


Rockstar: oh no a glitch where you can double the gold on the casino heist and hit the cap
Rockstar: wait what godmode glitch we haven't heard of such a thing and we can't fix it so long as it remains destroying carg-- I mean remains unknown

Author — cole lappan


I wouldn't wonna be an npc if I were to live in Los Santos because of how overpriced and toxic the state is.

Author — cow raiser Milton


I wish we were able to hear the other people in your party so we can hear their reactions but I understand why they wouldn't like their voices heard

Author — Daniel Crud


I love it. My instinct would be to Cargobob him when he's still or stuck, but this is a great video. Sniffing out his location by looking at who he killed was very relatable, same with seeking out where he left the Bandito. Around 7:00 is very heroic too - when you box him in it reminds me of World's Scariest Police Chases.

Author — Project Helisexuality


A good method I found to kill someone in passive is to get an Arena car with spikes and do the RC Bandito glitch with it.
You don't need much speed but once you're about to hit your passive target, press Y / triangle to exit the RC glitch and the Arena vehicle will continue to move and hit and kill your target. It'll show up on the kill feed and definitely count as a kill. Fun to troll tryhards in passive haha

Author — A High Ferret


Absolutely love it!! Co-ordinated anti-griefer/cheater squad right here! Brilliant stuff! You should be damn well rewarded for stuff like this.

Author — White Shark


Your references to NFS Most Wanted 2005 are so cool, absolutely loved that at 2:28 haha 😆👍 Also 4:17 that would be busted

Author — Luscious-Liz


Ghille this same ahole messed with me and my friend like a couple weeks ago. He destroyed my cargo sale. I could not dashboard because the save icon came up immediately so it would have been pointless. So now I'm seeing red, my Irish is up. I grabbed my speedo, but couldn't blow him up and he killed me a couple times. So back to the MK II. Meanwhile he was driving around and my friend sniped him so no more godmode haha. So then me and my friend cornered him and pummeled him so many times with missles that we blew him up 3 times in a row, then he left. He is nolw blocked and reported but he is still at it but maybe if enough people report him perhaps he will go into permanent bad sport or get banned The guy is a pussy especially when cornered or no godmode and can't fight worth shit screw that prick

Author — Patrick Stenson


I think i have clip where i cargo bob a godmode speedo in the ocean

Author — LivingCHAOS93


“the problem isn’t the game, it’s the community!”

the bad things ppl say about GTA & the reasons ppl dnt like playing GTA is mostly because of ‘players’ like this. smh.

Gg Ghillie!

Author — thecokeshow