Tim Hortons Steeped Tea Commercial

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Tim Hortons Steeped Tea Television Commercial.

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I've been quoting this commercial for years now subconsciously. "MRS CHEN YOUR GARDENS LOOKING STEEPED"

Author — Adam Janis


This commercial is from Tim Horton's classic era before it turned into a greedy American corporation with mediocre coffee and food.

Author — Functionalist


As an ESL student this helped me alot asking for this delicious tea

Author — Luis Estrada


Hahaha omg I remember that commercial!!!! :) Makes me happy....I hate serving grumpy old men at timies :(

Author — RedNativeRose



Author — Dylan Berry


Late-2000's Nostalgia brought me back again! :'(

Author — Cloud Usman


i work at tims and have a steeped button. love this commercial! haha

Author — cottageprincess4sale


The stepped tea at Tim Hortons is actually higher quality than the specialty tea there which has more varieties although is teabag dust all of it. The stepped tea only has a pekoe and is cheaper than the specialty tea and even though the quality is not supreme it should be worth more as it still has more leaf and the teabags dont use high quality tea anyway. You can get English Breakfast, Green, Earl Grey, orange Pekoe, and chai, a white in some places and a few herbals including a chai in that category and a peppermint and chamomile and apple cinnamon in some places although all of it is cheap tea sold in teabags, or otherwise got additional cheesy flavors in it (Earl Grey and Jasmine if they have it are not cheesy although they are not estate class either, although stuff like Blueberry flavored White Tea and black and herbal teas in some with artificial fruit flavorings like raspberry) The stepped only has orange pekoe although is plain and passable. So the orange pekoe in teabags and the other teas in them literally fall into the specialty category whereas the stepped one is cheaper and falls into the standard category though it is actually better and was suggested to Tim Hortons by a tea specialist so they would have more leaf grades

Still dont get me wrong, its Tim Hortons after all and do not expect to see estate Keemuns, high grown Ceylons or Darjeelings or Lapsang Souchong or Matcha or stuff like Dragonwell or Oolongs or Puerhs there. You will only likely get blends at best. For better results go to a tea store (not Davids) or look online

Author — JB 6000


this was filmed at the house across from mine and cause my house was under renovation the workers had to stop for an hour but we got free tim hortons goodies because of it :)

Author — alex3586


I just saw the following comment on Threadless and wondered if he just saw this commercial.
"I live in Russia in a military town and was surprised when I received a gift of this jersey. Steep design! Keep it up!"

Author — some kinda apeman


I said "steeped" today meaning great and had to show a room full of people this commercial.

Author — ryanwbee


i remember back in school the teacher said she thought these commercials were funny and i just blurted out they were annoying then she just had the most pissed off look on her face at me LOL

Author — CriminalIntent89


Yeah, but when this commercial was airing, Timmies marked steeped tea as "different" from regular tea.

Author — Oreichalcos


Calling it steeped tea is like saying you drink liquid water.

Author — MilkCap


Because TV Tropes

I think the most disturbing part, aside from making the assumption that this shitty tea is the only tea ever to have hot water poured over it, is that apparently its made by jamming a shit-load of it into a drip-brew coffee maker.

Author — Kaitensatsuma


this commercial was as cool as a soccer mom wiping your face.

Author — danthemango


I remember seeing this commercial back in 2005?

Author — holly pietrzak


It's an intentional mistake on the behalf of the writers; the point of the video is that the woman thought that when her son was telling her the tea was "steeped, " he was using some slang term, where in fact he was referring to one of the processes of making tea - steeping it.

Author — melted


I was hooked on steeped te because of Ms. Chen at 0:14
Many regrets.

Author — Youtube Commenter


LOL at the end. That wasn't a Horton commercial. XD

Author — Juliet C.