Trump names Putin in reply to Syria chemical attack

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Trump names Putin in reply to Syria chemical attack 3
President also said in a tweet that Syria would have a "big price to pay" for the alleged attack and labeled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an "animal."

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This might sound daft but it could be isreal in payment for trump payoff

Автор — Lesley Allinson


The same people and news organizations that told us that Saddam Hussein had WMD. Fake News, False Flag!

Автор — FulaNgenge P


This is how WW1 started... so many countries get drag into somebody's else's problem.

Автор — Try Hard


Get out of Syria, Syria is not doing this. We know Mossad is doing this.

Автор — Christian Lords


This is the 3rd time, they try to blame it on Assad. And it wasn't him. Romans 12:20; 13:10

Автор — Ross Harris


putin please keep defending syria from america and lies

Автор — keston lewis


The end of dirty story. Just as "Skripal murder" "Chemical attack" in Ghouta is a STAGED FAKE. Nobody harmed. No chemicals used. Just filming STAGED FAKE.

Автор — Анатолий Карабасов


There is Isreal again. Always the perpetuating US war. Let them take it. We keep supplying them then We go. Are they bored? Give them something to do. Create Peace ALL OVER! Oh, just send money.Our men are important to us.We have love. Teach Is real how.

Автор — lillian ballard


Even if Assad wanted to defend himself, you d never be allowed to see it in western media

Автор — Larry Bell


So, while Asad is winning the war in that town. while every thing is going for him. He sudenly decides to use chemical weapon on some civilians and destroy his case globally. then a video comes in with people pouring water on kids and spraying nasal sprays well thats so stupid and fabricated. but then so are majority of fox news audiences.... keep on paying your tax for sake of israel.

Автор — Dingo Chung


The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that: "Any foreign military intervention over chemical attack hoaxes will lead to grave consequences." Russia is tired of all the bs.

Автор — roger smith


Listen people- It takes 30+ days for a lab to determine chemical 'fingerprints'. Any claims are assumptions.

Автор — Saw wil


I remember Madelaine Albright talking about the 500, 000 thousand dead Iraq children, "the price is worth it". What "Big Price" does Trump want? Who's children are next to be sacrificed to the American war machine?

Автор — Colleen Parsons


Guys. In order for Assad to gain back full control and win the war he needs his citizens by his side, he needs to win the hearts and mind of his back. Without that he has no hope, just ask your self why would he do this? What does he have to gain? He knows if he uses a chemical weapon it'll kill no more then 30-40 he knows that the worlds media would crucify him he knows the whole world will hate him. So why would he do that??? He's about to win... why jeopardize that?? Just try to think about that. And tell me I'm wrong

Автор — tolgano gundogdu


You can't fabricate agonal breathing in babies, along with everything else shown.

Автор — Erin Vinson


First week in office Trump attacked all jets holding chemical weapons. There will be a response again. Finally liberal media is supporting Trump. Fox news has Russian bots saying it's wrong lol.

Автор — AwoidElite


Ok, so here we see the US and the West condemning Syria without any evidence that it was Syria. But we can see EVIDENCE of Palestinians dieing by Israel forces at this current moment. So there is a possible military action for this? but not for what is happening in Palestine?

Автор — Suleman Akhter


According to the UN, in the last few weeks, the Syrian Gov last taken in over 150, 000 civilians who have escaped from rebel strongholds under rebel fire. They have given the civilians shelter, food, medicine, etc. Now, despite the fact that their military is winning the war decisively, they decide to use chemical weapons to kill a few random civilians to give the west an excuse to bomb them ?

Автор — Count Yorga


This time last year trump said he no longer wanted regime change & wanted ISIS gone not Assad.
Within 2 days Assad supposedly used chemical weapons.
3 days ago trump announces they are pulling out of Syria. Assad supposedly uses chemical weapons again.
How convenient that Assad does all these things that benefit him least days after he could be rid of the USA for good.
Not one of those medics had protection on & while they may not have any it begs the question as to why they didn't die treating the dying. Thats what happens with chemical attacks like sarin.

This is all too convenient and someone doesn't want usa to leave Syria. Turkey. Iraqi terrorists?
Russia did in weeks what years of USA intervention couldn't do. Why would they risk it all by poisoning their own people? It makes no sense.
We're all getting played for fools & people will die because of it.

Автор — funkiechicken1


Shame on America for lying. Let's get back to the Syrian people and ask them the real truth.? The Shame Of America

Автор — Анна Попова