Trump says Iran ‘standing down’ after attack on US bases

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Trump says Iran ‘standing down’ after attack on US bases 4

After days of mass mourning and threats of revenge following the killing of one of its top generals, Iran's overnight attacks on two bases in Iraq used by US troops were relatively contained - this acknowledged by President Trump in a surprisingly placatory television address this afternoon.


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No one is 'standing down'. The psychopathic liar strikes again.

Author — terence francis


Demon Trump is attempting to start WW3 to avoid Impeachment

Author — Emerald Archer


I can see Trump and Rouhani taking a breather now to keep up to date with the breaking Harry and Megan announcement.

Author — Greenpoloboy3


Respect to the pilot & condolences to the families.

Author — ResurrectionX


Iran clearly stated that their revenge would not be the killing of US troops or destruction of their assets, but the total removal of the US from the Middle East. They also don't want (Shia majority) Iraq to become the battlefield again.
By demonstrating that they can penetrate, with 100% success, even the most heavily defended (and forewarned) US bases in the region, they are proving to Saudi, the Gulf States and everyone else, that if they allow the US to attack Iran from US bases on their soil, they can be targeted and destroyed, as the Iranian government has stated.
This is a BRILLIANT strategy - the Iranians don't have to kill anyone, the ball is in the US court.
It would only take a couple of hits to annihilate Bahrain, Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and Kuwait and Qatar a couple more. The kingdoms and others, will not be so keen to have a belligerent and unstable US presence on their territory in future, nor will all the foreigners, Billionaires, businesses etc. working/living around the region want to stay there.

Author — Geoffrey Winfield


Obama funded Iran’s attack on his own citizens with those pallets of money he gave them....Worst president in US history!!!

Author — Joe Nebelski


How did we get from 'the USA will strike hard and fast/disproportionally if Iran retaliates' to:
'Iran has retaliated by attacking US air bases and we consider this as Iran standing down'?

Author — I Racer


Hacks have got nothing to say about this-its way out of their pay grade.

Author — Jac Crystal


Ah, I see you guys featured Senator Jim - “climate change can’t be real because look at this snowball in my hand” - Inhofe. Not the really the man I would go to for serious intellectual analysis, of anything, but hey that’s just me.

Author — Sam Paine


Title should be: "Trump says Iran 'standing down' while it tries to figure out how to spin shooting down it's own passenger airliner as revenge."

Author — Ivan the Misunderstood


You have to appreciate Iran for this type of symbolic reaction, warning Iraq in advance to avoid killings. Their supreme leader seems a lot more humane in handling foreign affairs than the West with esp the USA as the big bully...

Author — Nico Nesta


This was just to make them understand that Iranians have shown they're capable of hitting back, however I think it may have all been part of defusing in a face saving manor for both Iran ( in showing their capabilities) and. America in making a respectful looking exit.
Iran gave them heads up, asked all personnel to go to the bunkers so there's no loss of lives, we're being had.
For me Iran achieved more objective and the dead general will prove to be 10 times the danger that he would have ever been alive, trump stood down no matter how he wants to dress it up.
It is also worth baring in mind that the Iranian supreme leader told their proxy friends to do nothing as it had to be done by the Iranians and from Iranian soil, big statement and delivery by any standards!!

Author — abdi amirghiasvand AKA captain fingers


Thank you for covering this, as well as the words from leaders it was very good to hear some of the more personal accounts from Iraqi people on the ground and other investigations and thoughts into the events unfolding in that area.

Author — Gordon Emanuel


Did he quote pulp fiction quoting someone else?

Author — Mnd0vrMnky


Kick him off the region. He is the most terror minded leader of so called peace loving country.

Author — Shaukat Khan


When it's my time to go, please don't choke me out like 3:12

Author — Boz Squad


So sad..

It's like a football match which two ferocious sides are fighting an we Iraque's are just pitch, 😢😭😭

Author — Alchix TV


Thank you for your hard working! God bless you, Chanel 4 news.

Author — Lê Văn Thuận


honestly why is usa in the middle east maybe Evidence Found || America & Israel is Working On OdedYinon Plan & Albert Pike's Letter To Start WW3

Author — Terry Moore


Within the context of Iran, TRUMP is less “belligerent”?

Author — Mortimer Duke