Movavi Video Editor Plus || Easy to Learn Video Editing Program

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Movavi Video Editor Plus || Easy to Learn Video Editing Program 4.5

Movavi Video Editor Plus 14

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If you want to do video editing you can use Lightworks, it's a free profesional quality programme.

Author — Tim Smith


Can movavi work in low end PC's?

My pc is 8 gb ram, i5 and intel ud 620 graphics. What do u think?

Author — Arona DON_YT


Probably it's first time when comments are useful. I downloaded free HitFilm Express and Lightworks. But thanks for your review!

Author — StepanXolera


Theres also a free Video Editing software called Hitfilm Express which is really sort of easy to use

Author — Kloie17


Really awesome video. Thumbs up and subbed! Keep it up!

Author — Lumpz


Hey Taylor who's that on ur profile pic?

Author — osos

Author be honest you can get most of the things other then the intro from movie maker. And if you dont like the idea of using it, then there is hitfilm express and a few others which are much more feature full and also free. So unless they add something original dont buy it, you probably wont use most of the transitions, the intro will get repetitive as more people buy the program and its not worth it.

Author — N8ku