Coronavirus: Inside an intensive care unit in Barcelona's Hospital Del Mar

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Coronavirus: Inside an intensive care unit in Barcelona's Hospital Del Mar 4.5

Doctors in Spain have told Sky News that dealing with the coronavirus crisis is like a natural disaster that won't end.

Sky's Alex Rossi has gained exclusive access to the Hospital Del Mar in Barcelona which has converted seven floors into wards dealing with only COVID-19 patients.

It remains a small sign of just how widespread the crisis has become in the country.

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My brother who is a doctor in Spain got intubated today in the intensive care and he is only 41 years old. He is surgeon but was put to help corona patients. He been a doctor for almost 15 years saving lifes and now he fighting for his life. Please people stay home. And appreciate all the healthcare workers around the world. Right now they are our guardian angels. And we need to help them.

Author — Centurion Sun


These men and women deserve the upmost respect from every person on this planet. God Bless these people

Author — Cembadyx


Two thirds of UK MP’s voted against giving nurses a 3% wage rise over a period of years - Five of them who voted against the motion were DR’s who are now MP’s. Shame on them. We shall never forget this.

Author — SK Bob


We just realize in this crisis that politicians are useless. About self interest and power in this crisis.

Author — Lebeau Labuschagne


We dont see these images in Spain, media is only covering people dancing, clapping in the balconies and we are happy that the statistics are getting better and we are an example on management of the pandemic for the rest of the world. Id appreciate your opinion on how this sound from your more objective perspective.

Author — Paloma Alperi


We cannot see these images from our country here, in our TVs. Why this reality is not shown here, and foreign media is informing us?

Author — Raul Muñoz Arroyo


My uncle who lives in Barcelona recovered from the virus

Author — l e i l a n i


75% of all hospital patients are covid-19? How on earth did China get only 3000 confirmed deaths?

Author — tom h


I hope now the world will know the value of nurses.

Author — thamilachi tamil


When will sky get cameras in UK hospitals?

Author — Steve min


It's sad to watch from a foreign media what the spaniards should watch from the spanish media :/

Author — Rayd045


God bless them all, watch over them, strengthen them, guide them, help them

Author — Laetitia Logan


Is it upsetting to anyone else that China is throwing a light show in celebration, while the rest of the world is dying??

Author — Rosanna Cali


I just can't believe what's happening.

Author — heygidihey


I'm spanish💔.Please, STAY HOME!!! Don't trust your govs.🇪🇸👑💖

Author — Diego Expósito


Sky time to go into British ICU’s because y’all are having some serious issues as well.

Author — Gabriel Afonso


💕 Barcelona, sending love from the UK

Author — Dee - foxybutterfly08


I see Sky News videos about hospitals and ICUs in Bergamo, New York, France, Madrid, Barcelona...

When are they going to shoot in London?

Author — Nachone


It is sad to see an English media distracting attention with sensational information about another country instead of reporting that in England more than 60, 000 people will die of the coronavirus for voting for a drunk prime minister

Author — J5 Igual


While here in Germany "so...let's open the schools again wohooo☀️"

Author — F