John Oliver Describes Boris Johnson, England's Very Own Trump

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John Oliver Describes Boris Johnson, England's Very Own Trump 4.5
John Oliver gives Stephen an update on English politics and describes Boris Johnson, England's very own Trump.

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UK should have elected Lord Buckethead.

Author — zaphire 05


Nah, Boris looks like what if Draco Malfoy became an alcoholic

Author — Kelly Crauford


"I like people comparing Johnson and Trump, because it's an insult to both of them".😄

Author — k tom


The difference between Boris and Trump is that Boris has a dumb/eccentric persona, but is smarter than people realise, and has a way with people. He has managed to avoid getting backstabbed, and while he is being laughed at he (1) became the first conservative lord mayor of London and then (2) became Prime Minister.
Trump however, isn't pretending to be dumb, he actually is.

Author — Tech Geek


"Boris is a moral windsock"

Nailed it.

Author — Yes, I agree


Wait, so they had Kim Darroch, and Borris Johnson.... what if they teamed up with a guy named Dwyane and they could be Dwyane Darroch Johnson.

Author — J.R. Millstone


Imagine playing a sport that involves kicking a BALL with your FOOT and not call it FOOTBALL but play a sport where you carry an oddly shaped EGG with your HANDS and call it football...

Author — Mislavestina


boris johnson looks like a clone of trump if they filled in the gaps with gary busey's DNA

Author — tommo123456789000000


"Oh don't you even MENTION that name in front of me. That filthy piece of toerag"

Author — AC3


Boris Johnston is 'a kind of moral windsock'. Classic English eloquence.

Author — Dada Nabhaniilananda


The way John looks when he’s holding that cup 😂😂😂. The European cup is the precious... the precious.

Author — J Ren


England got jealous of America being stupider than it was. Parity has been restored.

Author — 54markl


Boris Johnson looks like a 2 year old that woke up from a nap.

Author — Kimberly Hardin


Three cheers for Lord Buckethead; he’ll need to bring a guitar!

Author — Trumpgotta GO ITMFA


there are many qualified ppl in both the USA and UK and yet somehow the biggest morons and bigots get to power? truly frightening.

Author — Benzaiten


I think the algorithm that is running our world simulation is having issues things are starting to look funny and buggy haha

Author — LYJManchesterUnited


Funny how they talk about how horrible Trump and (especially) Borris Johnson are, but they cannot state any factual information about either one. Hmmm...

Author — Emma Anglin


Legend makes sure the term is used right - football

Author — Chase P


yes grandfathered into choosing a team, you can never fail your father ... GGMU

Author — Faizal John


Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are both useful idiots for cyncial hard right career politicians. They both mumble and gaff their way around while their colleagues can sell off the country's assets to all their friends.

The main difference between the two is that Johnson is acting that way on purpose.

Author — TheOmegajuice