Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12 Cruising in London

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Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12 Cruising in London 5
This is a Novitec N-Largo, based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, seen roaming the streets of London. The car is registered in Abu Dhabi and here you can see the various cosmetic modifications made to the F12 by Novitec in Germany, with an occasional blip and sounds from the car.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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That car easily makes it into one of the top ten best looking I've ever seen! XD

Author — SuperSaiyan3985


Aaaaand now he owns a Mclaren senna, ford GT and more. Truly awesome 😆

Author — Mr. Savage


Novitec got this one damn right, absolutely stunning vehicle!

Author — WH Photography


I laughed so hard when that kid ran after it! haha...

Author — VemundDH


THose morons running around trying to catch it

Author — Patrick Dow


this guys did an amazing job! looks beautiful!

Author — Junior Collantes


Truly a stunning car! It looks and sounds the part! Was lucky to see this myself :)

Author — MyMotormania


Tbh this is one of the best looking ferrari i've ever seen O.O

Author — Andrei 08


One of the best looking cars in my opinion! I saw a red one in austria a while ago, the sound is epic!

Author — Dominik Vereno


Lol this is back before Shmee blew up😅 Now he has his own

Author — Pris Tucker


a looser with a green jacket is chasing the ferrari on foot

Author — amartolosgr


I love how Shmee has a Mclaren 650S yet still chases around these cars for vids. Respect to the guy, shows how much of a true car fan he is.

Author — chiller1012


Looks awesome and the body kit is one of the prettiest I've seen and white color is great!

Author — F1JunGT


Time to change the intro as it's dull and obsolete at this point.

Author — Zantiago


Im looking at clock; 12h :) Fast to Shmee channel: New video, 1 sec ago.I won live :)

Author — Stasiek_Zabojca


ugly, dont do this to cars mister Arab, it can work on the middle of the desert for the camels but not in the real world...

Author — Tiago André


Now this is what you call a good looking Ferrari :)

Author — funbus


curious how you manage to capture these exotics driving around? Is it totally random or do you have a network of car spotting elves?

Author — karbonphiber


The guy in the green hoodie looked like an idiot, chasing down the car and I bet the footage was extremely shaky.

Author — Ash


"It's the Stig's Italian cousin" lol 

Author — ItsOtherFellaTime