Insta360 One R 1-Inch Edition // Low Light Test vs GoPro Hero 8

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The Insta360 One R 1-Inch Edition has a bit bigger sensor than other cameras. So in theory it should have better low light capabilities.

But is that really true?

In this video, I tested the low light capabilities of the One R 1-Inch edition and compared it to the GoPro Hero 8. The results were actually not what I expected. But Insta360 uses a nice feature, which really makes it stand out.

0:00 Intro
0:29 Low Light Settings
1:19 Test Shot #1
2:27 Test Shot #2
4:00 YouTube Studio Test
5:12 Tests Conclusion
5:42 Which camera to get

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💬 Comments

Do you want to use action cameras like the Insta 360 One R 1-inch edition or GoPro Hero 8 for low light shots?

Author — Pascal Basel


Damn, Insta360 1-Inch looks much better in all the scenarios, great comparison!

Author — Alex García


Nice home tour
I like the color of insta360 but can’t deny that gopro is better in low light!!

Author — 다솜동생 DASOMSIS


Thank you for another excellent review!

Author — mhs vz


THX! You really helped. I need low-light small pocket cam so my pick right now is Insta360oneInch, and thanks to Your video I can see what difference I get.

Author — digital inside


Would you prefer insta 360 for making YouTube video instead of Any DsLR? Because I felt only focus is missing Plz advise

Author — Mr.Tambaram


Sick video!
Quick question-
If you recorded on 4K on a GoPro then once you finished editing on your software. If you didn’t download that video into 4K again would if often turn pixilated or glitchy?

What app do you recommend for editing travel videos/vlogs for Apple iPads?

Author — Ella_ Productions


In your opinion, what's better the 360 One R or the GoPro HERO9 ?

Author — Johnny Greeko


Hi Pascal. My Insta360 1R camera tends to shutdown after 20 minutes recording in 360 mode. It gets extremely hot. Have you ever faced this problem?

Author — Frankie Kam


Insta 360 one R Vs GoPro 360 max which best plzz reply I'm from India 💓

Author — aamhi yed boke


Can we use GoPro 8 For Real Estate Videography?? Or one r 1 inch ??

Author — Parimal Sonera


The GoPro footage looks surprisingly cleaner in low light scenarios, I’m really curios to see how much better the image quality of the upcoming GoPro 9 will be compare to the GoPro 8. Great video!

Author — Roma Fedorov


The Insta360 1 inch definitely look better. And why is he not using the same iso values to compare? using higher iso on the 1 inch increases the noise and then use it to compare against the gopro and say that the gopro looks better? I will get the 1 inch for night time of course. Gopro does better in stabilization for regular non 360 shots that is for sure, and better sound with the build in mic.
But for night time, definitely the 1 inch edition. and for night time shoots, you really should not be moving. any camera would have a difficult time with that, even the all mighty all new (2020) Sony a7s III
For day time regular non 360 shots with action (movement), gopro all the way
For better sounds in any situation, GoPro all the way.
for 360 shots, Insta360 One R has better dynamic range then the GoPro Max and image stabilization is about even (GoPro still edge out the Insta360 a tiny bit, but I would pick the better dynamic range over the tiny bit of edge on stabilization) But, GoPro has much better sound is never one to make sound a priority. I am a bit disappointed with the Insta360 sound. I am waiting for GoPro to come up with GoPro Max 2, improve the dynamic range and I will probably get that as my primary action 360 cam.
As for the Insta360 One R that I have, I will get the 1 inch module and that is where it will stay as for the remainder of its useful life.
Insta360 sound is the really disappointing area, and I don't want to use an external mic with the 360 module, it would then just defeat the purpose of having the 360 will see the mic! unless you spend a lot of money on wireless mic and the 360 lens might be able to hide the attachment.

Author — Spacenoid0001