Hannity: The president and the patriot

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Hannity: The president and the patriot 2.5
Remembering President George H.W. Bush.

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Please people this crap on President 41 being such a wonderful man ! He was part of the one world order, He and his family have lied to this country. Behind the 9/11 cover up ! And much worse then that ! When the truth comes out about this horrible family. I am ashamed of FOX news. Now it is final that they have joined forces with the fake News media !

Author — Delina Youngs


Hannity you're such a sell out. Completely useless!

Author — Nea Post


ENOUGH with this criminal, he should have died in jail for what he done to America and the world!!!!

Author — JD plus


“New Word Order”! This man was No Hero and certainly No Patriot!

Author — mymoonearthsun


How many 100's of thousands have died and been killed under the never ending wars of the Bush Dynasty?!!!

Author — Mike Woods


lets think about his puppet Bill Clinton. All are one. Thousand points of light. Skull and Bones is satanic. Please please please tell the truth. MSM all liars.

Author — Yorktown 1781


How can you say this man was a patriot? He help with the assassination of JFK while he was with the CIA.

Author — scottmcf2011


I see fox pulled what was supposed to be on here tonight. Pumping globalist propaganda. Epic Fail=Fox
Hope you don't become ill Sean with pumping bs out tonight.

Author — reinfree


Now I see that Ur no different from the rest of MSM when U lose Ur Base look back to this day

Author — Rick Guerrero


Why did you cancel 3 of your guests instead of this and have you rescheduled it?

Author — Ungarn Hun


blood of millions on his hands, war criminal, globalist, set us up for now, drug dealer, funneled all our money into the five star trust and on and on...no one with the balls to tell the truth

Author — alan templeton


Fox executives are hurting their brand buy pulling an important story of the cf whistle blower tonight. Sean, you should move your show to crtv or newsmax. I will not waste money on fox control opposition nation. Com

Author — farmer Dave


Hannity i thought you were smarter than this.

Author — Magicaly INcorrect


He was NO patriot. He was no different than Clinton or Obama. He doesn’t hold a candle to Trump.

Author — I Heart Art


GHW Bush was a globalist and an evil man... Good riddance....

Author — Chet Carson


Sorry Mr Hannity you disappointed a lot of people including me this man was the worst of the worst and I can't believe you like the globalist people came with those comments you sound just the comentators on msmbc for a moment I thought I was listening to Mr Cuomo. What happened to the big braking news you had for today I couldn't stand it. I turned off. What a sale out.

Author — Luis Benitez


How in the hell are people supposed to wake up when you keep on spreading these fake stories making evil men look like heroes… I know I know it’s to keep the world at peas… It’s to keep your pockets full !! say it the way it is!!!

Author — See through the Lies


Hey Hannity, what happened to the 3 scheduled guests for tonight! Why were they pulled??

Author — MsBabs1964


Surprised they didn’t disable the comment section.

Author — Brandon M Smells


Democrats especially love dead Republicans because they always vote Democrat posthumously.

Author — Mladenko Pernar