The power of introverts | Susan Cain

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The power of introverts | Susan Cain 5

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"Group work": Extroverts do the "group" part, introvert does the "work" part.

Author — Olga R


I'm an introvert because i don't like talking about people all the time. Talk to me about ideas and I'll suddenly become an extrovert. Period.

Author — اقتباسات ثقافية


i hate it when people say "why are you so quiet". Like i dont know why are you so loud?

Author — TeamAtFort


We live in an extroverted world.

Coronavirus: Yeah, I’ll do something about that.

Author — Hanbl 1696


Ironically, teachers ask introverts to open up and try to shut up extroverts.

Author — Gaining XP


This video is an answer to all the teachers who said..'your daughter doesn't participates in the class'

update: I graduated high school and I'm apparently studying French that I love, and I found out that I participate way more in my French classes than I ever have. I think it has to do with my love and interest towards the language. Find what you love and you'll see yourself change xx

Author — Dhriti Singh


How my parents punish me

“ go to the shop”
Her: thinking I’m too lazy to go

Me: don’t know how to face the cashier

Author — Randy Sookra


Introverts sometimes act so much more of an extrovert when with the closest friends and family 😁😁

Author — Jack Murphy


I hate it when people ask "why are you so quiet?"


I just *MET* you.

Author — Ally Mayden


I hate HATEEE.. when people ask me "wHy ArE yOu So QuIeT?" Because that's who I am! That's how I function. I don't ask others "Why do you talk too much? Why are you so noisy?
It's *RUDE*

Author — Merci-Jardine


Telling an introvert to open up is as rude as telling an extrovert to shut up..!!

Author — Nishyank Patel


I am an extroverted mom who has an introverted son. Throughout my son's entire childhood, I would try to force him to be more social, fearing that he would miss out on something. Then a friend scolded me and told me to quit treating him like he had something wrong with him. Being an introvert isn't an illness. It's simply a type of personality. Since that day, I see my son for the interesting, creative, thoughtful, purposeful man that he is. He doesn't get wrapped up in petty drama. And he has so much common sense that it amazes me. I agree whole-heartedly that the group projects in school aren't always beneficial as I saw my son repeatedly doing most of the work while others took the credit.

Author — Corinne Mann


people think I'm minding my business but Im really listening to everyones else conversation

Author — sierra remsen


Actually. Forcing introverts to be like extroverts (especially at a young age) and then blaming them for when they can't be like "the rest" is very traumatic and can cause a lot of issues later in life.

Author — GalaxyQueen


You know the comment section belongs to introverts when you see paragraphs.

Author — Attoria Turner


I felt uncomfortable when people said why are you so quiet.
Sometimes just simply because I'm not interested in the topics they are talking about.

Author — Xin Ying


"Introvert is not something that needs to be cure " _Susan Cain
The most mistake an introvert person can make is trying to be an extrovert

Author — Johnson WICKSTON


Introverts unite!
In our own homes.

Author — Niravel Niflheim


You’re at the grocery store. You’re looking for milk, but you cannot seem to find it. What do you do?
Extrovert: Ask someone for help.
Introvert: Wander around for potentially hours trying to find it yourself.

Author — Soybean 194


“You should be a social butterfly.”

Um, I don’t want to have panic attacks.

Author — Kyler Phoenix