You're Not Allowed to Die Here

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Imagine how intense it must feel to play piano on a raft next to a crumbling glacier.

Author — Tommy Walzer


@4:38 no.. just no.. That's not what he said.. At all. Not even close. It's like you just guessed what a priest might have said and picked some random verse. The actual translation is:

"No one is allowed to destroy them or seduce them, Jesus says. Not even for your shortcomings. That you know your flaws is a strength, rather than a weakness"

Author — Pistachio


Don't tell me what to do
**dies in Longyearbyen**

Author — Richard Nixon


The subtitles of the priest are completely wrong... Like, the only thing that is correct is the word: "Jesus". Did they deliberately pervert the subtitles to make them more relevant to the video?

Author — Osvath97


As someone who's been a newspaper editor in Longyearbyen for ten years, the premise of this article/video is somewhat inaccurate since people have had their ashes buried in the cemetery in Longyearbyen and had their ashes scattered across the sea/land nearby as recently as this year (it's the concerns related to burying actual bodies that makes that illegal here). And the title is definitely wrong – people have died here from polar bear attacks, extreme weather, air/boat/vehicle accidents and plenty of other things. The policy refers more to the terminal ill, infirm elderly, etc.

Author — Icepeople


"We went to Longyearbyen to find out why it's supposedly illegal to die there and found out you just shouldn't be buried there..."Could've just googled that and saved yourself a trip.

Author — troublesomebirdsong


The cool thing about Longyearbyen, is that because of the Golf stream, it's extremely mild compared to its latitude. I just typed "Longyearbyen weather" in Google (it's December 15th) and it's 1 degree Celsius! Plus one! Can you believe that? It's actually colder here in my city (Budapest) right now.

Author — mysteriousDSF


Love that ending with the dude on the piano!

Author — Screwed&Chopp


What I learned from the comments:
Guy playing piano is awesome, but they misspelled his name.
They didn't translate what the priest was quoting from Jesus at all.
People die a lot in Longyearbyen (including from polar bears) but they are cremated because it's an island.

Author — Grackle


Title: "You're Not Allowed To Die Here".
Description: "It's illegal to be buried" there.
F.F.S. * rolls eyes *

Author — Toby Richmond


Friend: "I want to die"
Someone in Longyearbyen: "Shut, you are not allowed to die here"

Author — Reltpid


...that polar bear was waiting for you to get tired so it could eat you, or lead it to your food source.

Author — chud babies


Just hipster made Starbucks video just no focus no conclusion

Author — Henric Andersson


"I don't know if there's an ancient plague, but maybe" *proceeds to load gun to deal with what is obviously zombie uprising*

Author — Connor H.


The only thing more depressing than this video is the comments made about it.

Author — Irene Xiplytyly


How long do they put you in jail if you die there? Imagine being the guy who steals a car and has to be stuck in jail with a bunch of corpses of people who died there and got arrested.

Author — Marshall Gibson


Ouch, they misspelled Ludovico Einaudis name.

Author — nubix


8:23 let’s also take a moment and appreciate the pianist playing one ice.

Author — Tsai Nicole


"I know only: it is, and I am."

Mind. Blown.

Author — Ralph Wiser


Yoo I live in Longyearbyen and I have seen that old man, lol

Author — Jeri Gaming