Issues With Matte Paint Jobs

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

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In this video we discuss matte and satin finishes and some of the drawbacks that can be associated with them. This isn't to say that you shouldn't use them, but rather that you should be aware of how they react to use as opposed to how gloss finishes do.

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that's the best thing about satin! it wears and tears the way you play. it gets some owner's personality. guitar won't be the same after few years and mine will be different than yours, because we may have different style, if you mess up with pick up selector or volume knob more it will show up and that's the beauty of satin!! the guitar gets the personality and its own uniqueness. regards

Author — Marek Bana


Omg lol finally someone who shows what actually happens. I bought a custom 24 wood library prs recently and i've been sperging out for the last few days because people keep talking about it and I thought it'd be really bad - was starting to get worried so much to the point where I avoided playing it. This doesn't look nearly as bad as ppl make it seem. Btw, do you recommend putting wax on it to put the matte layer underneath and protect it from wear? Like yeah, it would be slightly more shiny instantly, but overall it would retain more of its matte, no?

Author — RP


I have a matte finish on one of my guitars and It has wore past the paint already in tiny spots. I've only been playing it on average once a week for maybe a year or two. There are times where I would play it everyday in short recording sessions. The durability just doesn't seem the same in comparison to the other guitars of the same brand I own.

Author — Mitch Dungy


There is nothing wrong with a little bit of a used look.The Telecaster in the backround looks cool too.

Author — Stephan Venner


Very interesting video especially as I have the baritone version of your seven string and the shiny patches are almost identical.
The reason I came here is because my Chapman ML3 Pro Modern arrived under a week ago and the satin finish has worn through to the mahogany (Sapele) underneath! It’s a brand new guitar! Only on the top edge. Probably had about 4 hours of playing

Author — Pherotone Studios


I've had my satin finished guitar for 12 years the whole guitar is basically glossy looking now which I don't mind I think it gives it character.

Author — zach slade


I'm thinking, play your matte guitar for a couple of years, then go ahead and polish it all over to a satin. It's like an almost effortless refinish. My issue with a recent matte rattlecan project, was that enamel sprays so differently than lacquer. It's a bit more unforgiving and I had to fight ye olde sag monster. I assume it had to do with the way the coats don't burn into each other. It just lays on differently. As always, thanks for your videos Brad.

Author — John G


I would like to try some metallic satin paint on a guitar. And (correct me if I’m wrong) I think satin/matte paint and finishes actually work better with guitars rather than high gloss because a soon as you start playing a glossy instrument it’s going to immediately start getting swirl marks, scratches and finger prints. With satin finishes, all your going to probably get is a few shiny spots from where you’re hands and arm rest. Which is just natural patina.
Also would a satin metallic paint be easier to apply/work with rather than gloss?

Author — Reuben Solly


I'd like the gloss finish on my bass to look more like the paint is rubbed off or has warn out, much like the guitar you have behind you; just not as much as much so. Any tips on how to go about this? If so, it'll be MUCH appreciated!

Author — Storms a-coming


hey brad, great video as always! I really hope you get more and more subscribers because you provided insight into paints, stains, finishings and whatnot... these knowledge is just oozes practicality for amateurs like me. Next time, if you can please check out rusty paint from a company called VerDay, I imagine an electric guitar with a combination of steel and brass rust color and a good clear coat would definitely unique!

Author — Dat Thanh


Hey brad,

Since I'm gonna be spraying for the first time, and I don't want to invest a lot into quality urethane paints, I was wondering what was your take on duplicolor paint shop line under 2k clears

I know duplicolor sprint shop line supposedly sprays easy since its premixed, but I'm mainly worried about the color getting wet again during the application and trapping the gasses, also heard that doing a few dust coats before going all in helps prevent any issues

Thanks in advance

Author — Jesus Mariano


Thank you very much! I wasn't aware that the matte coat wasn't that durable. Might as well spray it with plastidip, lol.

Author — ultrafloss492


What’s the best way to go about turning my acoustic guitar which is black to a matte black? Don’t know if to paint or wrap since it’s acoustic I think wrap might be better but I’m not sure

Author — David Magana


Hi Brad, great information regarding Matte paint jobs. I'd like to ask, is it the same situation with guitars from factory productions, can they also have this type of issue, or they use more advance paints in order to avoid the paint from wearing off and causing gloss spots.

Thank you.

Author — Aeon Von Graphomet


Hey brad great vid. Im buying a japanese les paul called tokai which comes with a matte finish. I chose matte because i want that vintage les paul look just like les pauls owned by page, felder, moore compared to overly shiny or glossy les pauls nowadays

My question is: does the matte finish give that vintage les paul look or shine especially on how they reflect the light?

Thanks and love your shirt by the way

Author — Timothy De Leon


This was very very very helpful! I'm truly grateful! 💖🔥💯👌🏾

Author — China Foster


I have a gloss finished instrument which I thought was a mistake because of all the fingerprints it would show.. I was browsing through about matte paint until I came across this link.. I think I'm safer with the gloss finish.. Just one doubt though, I wonder if over time the sheen on my gloss black would be reduced to matte??



I love the way matte finishes get that way3

Author — PineappleJ


Hey man, what about repairing paint flaws in it? Is it easy? What are the general guidelines? I wanted to buy a cool matt painted guitar the other day but it had some weird flaw in the paint, neither the owner or me could figure out how it was made, it looked like some white-ish chemical got in there or something...

Author — megahurtz30


Do you think Matte spray cans would work well for a frankenstrat to get that old look, or do you think the glossy paint would work better?

Author — my friend