John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost

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John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost 5

John Oliver rates his singing as Zazu for the live-action Lion King, shares his opinions on Barbra Streisand cloning her dogs and explains why she, Mariah Carey and Oprah Winfrey deserve lifetime high-maintenance passes.

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John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost

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There he is, CEO and Mega Reverend of Our lady of perpetual exemption, Pastor John Oliver.

Author — angiras sharma


There it is - Jimmy's real laugh. John got it out. All hail our rat faced overlord!

Author — Fjutr Celf


every time I see John Oliver, I remember the time he delivered the most blisteringly accurate self-own: “I look like a nearsighted parrot who works at a bank.”

still not over it. love this splendiferous human.

Author — Hannah Freeman


John is on a different level of banter, truly amazing lol.

Author — 94Temimi


You can tell how badly he wants to talk about the Coal CEO trying to sue him

Author — adventzx999


John never fails to hit the mark in these types of interviews. His frankness is refreshing.

Author — tash sun


John Oliver is such a witty/brilliant/quick thinking guy. Seems like a coolguy in general.

Author — PopularNobody


Who else also thinks that "Last Week Tonight" is the best name on late night?

Author — Hammad Ali


The coolest thing about John Olly is that he elevates everyone else around him in the bit. Jimmy Fally actually gets funnier in proximity to him.

Author — Jeremy


Jimmy Fallon was not ready for Oliver.

Author — anuragfreak


aw, Oprah just wanted to keep him and take him home.

Author — Dawn Stott


I know it’s somewhat easy to be outshined by your guest but this is like...insane how much more likable John Oliver is.

Author — Wade Wilson


Anyone else really want john oliver to do a podcast. I could listen to him talk about the most mundane stuff and i would still be entertained.

Author — abby doesart


"I've gone limp, and she's just holding me, and she's just successfully obtained the power position." Imagine if someone changed channels just at the beginning of this sentence.

Author — Ile Salmo


"1st 2nd and 35th glance? " lol

Author — mounika kulkarni


So THAT'S what Jimmy's real laugh sounds like!

Author — Jay


Be free John Oliver, be free. Amazing interview!

Author — Romulus C


It's almost cringe worthy how much funnier John is than Jimmy.

Author — Zelos311


John: “nothing happens without Zazu”

Jimmy: “that’s not true at all”


Author — switchingchannels


John Oliver - my opinion - has the best show on television.

Author — Peter Kier