Iran claims it has arrested 17 members of a CIA spy ring

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Iran claims it has arrested 17 members of a CIA spy ring 4.5
Iran said Sunday night it broke up a CIA spy ring and arrested 17 Iranians recruited to collect information on the country's nuclear and military sites. It comes as Britain convenes an emergency meeting over Iran’s seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker near the Strait of Hormuz. Iran accused the tanker of various legal infractions. Imtiaz Tyab reports.

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Governments playing chess.
Poor ship crew and civilians being used as pawns.
Hoping we don't lose innocent lives on either side.

Author — Speed King


Brits took Iran game for the public..Iran takes the Queen/ship

Author — Ross Harris


A Brit tanker was seized under the nose of a British warship?? Teresa May ain't no Churchill.

Author — Doug Miles


The tape they played, before accepting the Mission, said it would self-destruct and we would disavow any knowledge of them.

Author — Custis Long


*PERSIAN GULF is not a WESTERN backyard...*
Get lost.

Author — TheSushiraw


The same CIA who lied about WMD's in IRaQ?

Author — Roc


England was offered cover for their ships from the US but declined. So, how in God's name does this involve anything but England's incompetency ? Iran has been trying to shut down the Strait of Hormuz for sometime. This situation was quite predictable.

Author — Nancy Stengel


Iran: release our ship, that's piracy.
UK: no it is not.
Iran: OK then i'm going to do the same.
UK: no you are not allowed to. that's piracy.

Author — eslam alipour


the world end will be that moment when we see all historical Empires rising again and this is what happening now
The Russian Empire
the chinese empire
the persian empire
the British Empire
and we have american Empire now
when these empires start fighting each other that would be the end of this world

Author — kissmy ass


Even tho usa with uk military is much much stronger still nobody can afford this war with iran and iran is playing that card. Mark my words there will be no war of any kind

Author — Benji


"Impossible to verify" translates to "plausible deniability".

Author — Fez Paladin


US to it's lapdog: Go fetch me a tanker
UK: Sir yes Sir
A week later..
UK: Your highness Iran stole my tanker too
US: hmm we don't have a written agreement to help you. Protect your own ship
UK: :( Iran can I have my tanker back please

Author — Robert Mancini


"there impossible to verify" (that their cia agents) LMFAO I don't think he realizes how dumb he sounded

Author — Andy Griffin


Why not tell the story in chronological order. Britain seized Iranian ship, then Iran seized British ship.
That's sounds different, huh?

Author — John A


17 spies LOL and they knew right off the bat, and they confessed too... war with iran is coming

Author — insurgent23


Bömberg: Every action has a reaction
-I love love Iran and all the liberal countries

Author — Musio Musio


I love watching euro filth cry when someone returns a favor. 😂😂😂

Author — Huh


What happened to the Iranian Tanker that the British seized first?

Author — Norris Cool


Imagine if it was Russia or China they would taken over us. Incompetent leaders we have

Author — big daddy


Hey Britain 🇬🇧 you’re on your own we’re Done.

Author — Alex Wood