ALEGRIA CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ACTS REVEALED! First Look from under the Big Top in Montreal

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ALEGRIA CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ACTS REVEALED! First Look from under the Big Top in Montreal 4.5

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In case you missed it - here's a recap of Wednesday's #Alegria Press Conference from under the #BigTop in #Montreal where we showcased 3 acts from the show for the first time!

Au cas où vous l’auriez manquée – voici un récapitulatif de la conférence de presse de mercredi dernier d’Alegría sous le #GrandChapiteau à Montréal où ont été présentés 3 numéros du spectacle pour la première fois!

About Alegria:

Alegría is the nostalgic story of a monarchy that has lost its king. The Old Birds, who resist change and cling to old values, hover around Mr Fleur, a tricky and power-hungry man who proclaims himself king. Fleur and the Old Birds, with their outdated ideas, struggle to maintain power in a world they no longer understand. On the other hand, the Bronx, the strong and confident next generation, embrace modernity and strive to topple their oppressors to build a flourishing new society. Follow the story of Alegría, a world where the old order is being challenged and replaced by something new and unknown.


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කණගාටුයිආච්චිමම කීවෙමි මෙය අප හමුවන සෑම අවස්ථාවකම අප සමඟ කරන චාරිත්‍රයකි මම නැවත මගේ පෑන්කේක් සහ සිරප් වෙත ගියෙමි

Author — Merryl Cole


Valsapena without lyrics is a crime, doesn't seem to match with the rest of the act. Felt appart.

The stage looks like a Game Of Thrones kind of tribute, nothing like the baroque palace that was in the original Alegría, that had a connection with the real story of the show.

And the make up is horrible. This is an iconic show, changing the baroque vibe, the white make up and put more basic costumes is not modernizing, it's just to do a low budget kind of tribute to the original Alegría 1994.

Author — Pensamiento Crítico


The changed soundtrack really let us asking for more. The baroque aspect is completely gone and without some key instruments (like the accordion) it just lacks that Alegría sprit that we loved! I think it's great that the show got revamped and is returning, but the soundtrack is really a miss for me and for many here, it's just not as strong. PowerTrack was such a powerful and intriguing track, but it has lost its magic…

Author — Guilherme Soares


Falta el acordeón en varias canciones, el acordeón le daba un toque diferente a las canciones de alegria.

Author — Erick Martinez


Qué le pasó a la música ? ... Se perdio el alma del show 😥

Author — Jafet Cain


When you turn your golden egg into cheap omelet

Author — TheTrueStarchild


Vai Vedrai had the perfect tempo for the trapeze. I must say this is really flat. The energy of the power track just wasn't there and the costumes are awful.

Author — sumandre


Big fan of Alegria. Actually worked on the first North American tour. I think they butchered some of the music. I wish the they would have stuck to some of the original style of the music. The artist are amazing as expected! I wish the vocals were stronger. I had to turn some of it down on the high notes. I'm sorry.

Author — AJ


I liked the original guy better. Ya know that screams "ALEGRIAAAA"

Author — Carly Brooks


The FastTrak tumbling seems so watered down. It's like 70% dancing and 30% tumbling. :-(

Author — johnsw71


Boring... They had a very high bar and ran low. There is no Alegría (joy) in that slow show and music.

Author — rosuru


I miss the old Cirque when it was about the art, emotion, and quality of the performance and the performers. It was about giving something magical to the audience. Now it's just veered so far to the franchise and hiring as many acrobats as they can to pump out as many shows as they can. And now they've taken a beautiful piece of their history and provided no justice to the original. It's like raising the dead. The body is there, but what's inside cannot return.

Author — nitticus


I enjoy the parts without singing. We need another Francesca Gagnon.

Author — Erick Moore


I remember the day I saw Alegria for the first time, as all of the show captivated me; the costumes, the acts, the music ... everything. It was an idescriptible sensation, and I was left wanting to see it in person and not just through a screen. I even fantasized about being part of the show, my favorite forgiveness was always the bronx and I dreamed of being there. And I remember the day when I found out that cirque du Soleil would return to show the show and as this news I am happy the day completely, it was definitely a dream that was coming true, but what excited me the most was to receive all those feelings that they gave me to see the show on television, but unfortunately now that I see the new "Alegria" I do not feel the same, I do not feel the joy that gave me see the original show, I know it is well invented, but with it you do not have to take everything the good thing that makes the show something magnificent. cirque du soleil, I find the work they are doing very good, but this is nothing compared to the original show

Author — B K


This is a mix of Game Of Thrones set, Mad Max costumes and a Johnny Depp main character. You really ruined Alegria. There's no magic, it can't be the Alegria essence.

Author — Victor Mayrink


call me old fashioned... but this is just... no alegria :'(

Author — Monica Vazquez


Judging by is video it is clear what I feared when CdS announced the return of Alegria. Everybody who loved the old show (like me) feels absolutely no connection to this new one.
CdS heard our calls but could not just bring the original show back. They needed to reimagine the show but had to make a very difficult decision how far from what the fanbase of the original show loved they dared to go. It might have been to far.
When the show comes to Germany as big top and not arena show I might go just to see for myself how it turned out in total. A video is always difficult to do with circus shows, everybody of us looks somewhere different depending on where one is sitting and what personal interests are important for one.

Author — DonDuracell


I'm sorry but... *NO !*

I appreciate that you tried to keep it fresh but this is just shameful.
Most of the song remixes completely ruin the feeling and spirit of the original songs, the costumes look super cheap like they are all a bunch of cavemen and the stage looks equally boring.

I was so happy that Alegria returned but it seems like this is yet another memory from my childhood/teens that gets ruined by a remake. I think I'll pass. Hopefully you come to your senses and bring some of the original flair and feeling back when you're going on tour with Alegria again.

Author — Toast4tw


I have watched the video |Life Behind the Scenes in CdS" just before this one and had high expectations on what the show would be like. I didn't agree with the musical changes since I consider the track as a classic as so many people do (when Beethovens' 5th is performed you also don't change the score). So I would have kept the original. I felt the heart is taken out of it now. Don't like this version.
Giving the performers more of their own face in the makeup is not a bad idea in general, but the magic of Alegria lays in large part in the makeup of the performers and the fact that you don't immediately recognise the performer. It make a completely new character.
I think that the artistic direction had a little too much fantasy. I would have kept the original music score, designed new makeup and costumes but with the same strong points as in the original one - in other words, keep the magic. This was disappointing for me.

Author — Marcel Huguenin


Landings were not great on the power track, I loved the original Alegria! Idk how I feel about this one. I was excited to see this but based on this I'm not sure

Author — Leah Burke