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Scheer slams 'ideologically driven' Canada Food Guide | Power & Politics 3
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising to review of Canada's recently updated Food Guide if he wins the next federal election, saying the latest guide is the result of a flawed and process that “seems to be ideologically driven.”

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Why let science get in the way of a national food guide when money and lobbyists can?

Author — Spookset


The food Guide is a guide. No one is forcing you what to eat it's a health recommendation. Jeez the us vs them strategy really falls flat here.

Author — Devon Di Marco


The food guide isn't law... it's a GUIDE.

Author — Ange Waters


More for the dairy cartel. "Drink milk, drink milk" -Scheer

Author — name fake


Yes hormone filled cow tit lactation mixed in with refined sugar.

So healthy.

Author — Eric Cartman


Our last food guide was designed for agricultural profits and was contradictory to the majority of modern research (Then & Now). The new food guide reduces dairy & carbs, things we know needs to be moderated in our diets.

Author — Troy Stevens


This is pure politically driven motive here. The new food guide is no doubt healthier no questions asked. Ridiculous.

Author — Candace M


Sorry not all that helpful as politics go. Good luck

Author — Paula Howell


It looks like Scheer is a puppet for the dairy cartel of Quebec that got filthy rich by disallowing competitors to sell their products in the same market allowing them to set their own prices. MAXIME BERNIER is apparently the only sane prospect for PM with Canadian values before the globalists agenda.😉🍻

Author — Michael Kurbod


This guy can’t raise his kid properly, how could he run a country. His kid is running him just like the special interest groups will run him, he’s weak

Author — Frank Hagar


When you say there wasn't consultation, you mean the industry associations you are trying to appease didn't get to directly lobby the experts who created the guide. The people consulted were the actual scientific experts - not the multi-billion dollar industries t

Author — Nikhilesh Pradhan


The food guide does not include McDonald's so all the obesity exploited by corporate big wigs is lacking attention. So Scheer is on the take.

Author — kav sch


Chocolate milk is sugar free and good for diabetics like myself NOT

Author — Kevin Rabie


OMG he was using chocolate milk as a small joking reference DEAR GOD....DRAMMA (big mistake hahahahahahha)

Author — Kev Mavis


get csis on the case --it sounds serious --ideology creeping into the food chain

Author — northstar10


Food guide THATS what the Con's are fighting lol lol im done with the federal Con's.its a guide NOT LAW.OMG sheer is desperate to scare people to vote for him...and nothing is as scary as the food guide conspiracy.

Author — TheNaznine


but mainstream media not ideologically driven?. DEFUND THE FOOD GUIDE

Author — gus black


wow. exactly what I was concerned about

Author — Brett B


The food guide should also reflect carbon foot print of bringing fruits and vegetables as an example into the the country on a year round basis from Mexico or California. How much value is a strawberry that has traveled 5000 miles versus some actually grown and processed in Canada, by Canadians. Where do you stop?

Author — Chris Wallace


If Cost is an issue, then perhaps Decreasing that Cost should be what informs one's Policy?

Author — sandor szabados