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Principals | Ep. 5 | city.ballet 5

Principal dancer is the most highly coveted rank in the New York City Ballet. How much of the work is physical and how much is mental?

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This series is surprisingly candid. It's always nice to see what behind the costumes and the makeup :)

Author — Camilo Gómez


ADVIL every It causes gastric ulcer and renal failure!!!! :(

Author — B. Bea


"You're gonna be in pain. A lot"

Author — Andrea Lopez


I think the fact that the first girl has arthritis really says a lot. She's already in pain from normal things and then add on the pain from dance and shes still okay and doing what she loves. I'm 13 and I have fibromaylgia and I love dance and it's one of my dreams so for me this is super inspiring

Author — Victoria black


"... but without the artistry you can't be a ballerina"

Author — Gabriela Gonzalez


I love to dance, but my body has limits.

Author — lock heart


"Most coveted rank"? I'm not sure. I have talked to many corps members who not ever want to face the pressure soloists face.

Author — frank stein


Sara is the most down to earth person! That women inspires me like no other!

Author — Alexa Dollar


what was the music used in sara marns' part

Author — Sophia Beresford


Amar is extremely good looking... and also talented. So clearly very much out of my league.

Author — Michaela Leach


Amar is one of the most talented male dancers there, in my opinion. He is amazing

Author — Raquel Guzman


Unpopular opinion: Ashley Bouder seems so full of herself... I guess that mentality comes when you're a principal in one of the best companies in the world 😜

Author — Alesha J.


Great insights! Thanks for doing this!

Author — Ballet Music DK by Søren Bebe


Dance requires so much dedication, but it's such a beautiful art! Thank you for your hard work, it is appreciated! We hope that even through the pressure, dance is still fun on stage!

Author — danceconsortium


Awe, Robert Fairchild. He had to retire from NYCB so he could come out of the closet...& be away from Tiler. Good job!!!

Author — R V


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Author — Ezra Hurwitz


I'm dancing at my city dance studio, I want to dance with New York City ballet so desperately, but I'm so far away from getting there

Author — Kerryn Roa


Arthritis in her BACK??? As a ballerina ??? Omg

Author — bronwynalexandria


It's also about quality of life..and understanding that that is what the goal is inspite of the show and understanding the parameters of the show, of time and articulation or your does an orchestra do it or used to do even your own makeup you should be doing....and the makeup artist does the very last inspection or just your eyeshadow...I know...but then again how to keep the plaques from spreading and reappearing on your skin besides not sweating as much....

Author — dboyfff


I think Craig hall should be principal

Author — Eilidh MacCaillach