How to edit video like a pro? 7 PROFESSIONAL😎 FEATURES in Movavi Video Editor

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How to edit video like a pro? 7 PROFESSIONAL😎 FEATURES in Movavi Video Editor 5

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(0:27) - volume points
(1:05) - video title presets
(1:45) - YouTube intro presets
(2:31) - scene detection for video trimming
(2:56) - markers
(3:28) - filter intensity
(4:00) - preview window features

Sometimes adding background music to your video is not enough for true video editing. You have to manage audio settings of the track using your video editing program. Luckily, there are volume points to help you. Just like in professional video editing software! For example, if there's some background music in your video and then a voice comes on, you can make the music quieter when the voice starts.

Movavi Video Editor lets you not only use the built-in titles but also create and save your own. It’s super convenient. Especially, when you need to add text to your videos and keep your style consistent.

How to make a YouTube intro? It’s easy with Movavi Video Editor! YouTube intro templates can be customized and saved in the same way as titles, but there are even more possibilities. Add any intro template to the timeline, click the pencil icon to edit it, and save the result. Your YouTube channel intro will appear in the "Intro videos" category.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 is a good video trimmer. The "Scene detection" function will help you cut videos effectively. Open the "Tools" tab and click "Scene Detection". Set the minimum duration for one scene and click "Detect scenes". In a short while, Movavi Video Editor will cut your video according to the scene-changes.

How to make a video if you need to stop and return to the project another day? Guess, markers will come in handy. With the help of markers, you can trim your videos precisely and do a lot of cool stuff! For example, you can use them while editing your videos to mark any important moments, like places to add titles and background music and so on.

When it comes to video editing, each creator has individual preferences. That’s why you may find filter intensity settings very useful. You can add multiple video filters to one clip and adjust their intensity individually.

It’s very important to have full control over the process while creating a video. So what makes The preview window of the video editing program from Movavi has some handy features that can easily go unnoticed: "High resolution preview", "Low resolution preview", "Disable guides", and "Unpin player". All these options will help you adjust video effects parameters flawlessly.

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