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Mexico's Drug War BBC Documentary Amazing Docu 4.5
New Video: Violence is running out of control in Mexico as rival drug cartels battle over the smuggling routes to America. Mexico's .

New Video: Violence is running out of control in Mexico as rival drug cartels battle over the smuggling routes to America. Mexico's . Documentary All In One We .

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Fernando's mum broke my heart when she said "nobody called", that is so heartbreaking for the mother and father but especially for the mother 💔

Author — HQ KS


Just legalize drugs. That's the simplest answer to all of this chaos.

Author — Joseph Michel


It seems that the Secretary for Public Security is Skill Level 100 at dodging questions.

Author — SamWallace Art


Narcos are like " alv weii van hacer un documento manda a sicarios a que se maten entre Ellos "

Author — Rias Gremory


Mexico is going to suffer frm dis curse unless n untill government is getting paid in millions

Author — Naren Pun


Just legalize firearms in Mexico - so that even farmer Paco can shoot a drug dealer.

Author — Radkon Psygami


Please tell me nothing bad happened to Blanca. That's literally the bravest person in the world.

Author — El Tanko


It's insane that we could stop this overnight. literally overnight. Just legalize drugs here in the US. Their being illegal CLEARLY doesn't stop people from using them. The legalization of recreational cannabis in places like Colorado, where it is sold in stores by reputable businessmen who obtain their product from reputable growers shows there is a better model.
You don't even have to think legalization is a good thing, but can anyone deny it's better than continuing the violence of black market drug trafficking this documentary shows.

Author — Funky Euphemism


Plata o plomo isn't that what Pablo Escobar said

Author — Antonio A Alfaro


To people saying that legalising drugs would solve this - there are powerful and rich cartels in Mexico now, violent people with guns, power, money and no remorse. Not like they would say, ok guys, we had our day, we are done. When cannabis became legal they switched to fentanyl, would you legalise fentanyl as well? And even then they will traffic sex slaves, organs or just go do extortion and racketeering. American Mafia was born during prohibition, but did not disappear after. Only a brutal purge of everyone involved in cartels without judge or jury will help at this point. Mexico is fucked for decades now.

Author — Tkachev Eugene


Big Pharma thinks The Cartels Revenue and Death Rate are cute and not even close to what RX prescriptions do to America and the Opioid epidemic and how many lives it claims. Wake Up People! ofcourse they don’t want to make Marijuana legal and make Kratom a schedule 1 drug it means less sales for them.

Author — Abel Valdez


That boy they kidnapped is probably still alive and being used to bill tunnels.

Author — Supersman2000FightChair