PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 468

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PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 468 5

Clip 1: Twitch_Mavedixx

Clip 2: jeemzz

Clip 3: Automobilie

Clip 4: HoHoJoe

Clip 5: boyKKo

Clip 6: JoshOG

Clip 7: AngelAlex

Clip 8: sprEEEzy

Clip 9: Shank59

Clip 10: bNasTy-v1

Clip 11: Wackyjacky101

Clip 12: Sp3ctroX

Clip 13: Shisu95

Clip 14: BlueDiesel

Clip 15: JohnPlayer96

Clip 16: Twitch_Mavedixx

Clip 17: itsflowstate

Clip 18: RF_HaydenZ

Clip 19: Phantaztik

Clip 20: Rancidfiend 420

Clip 21: Musik Lunatic

Clip 22: Wackyjacky101

Clip 23: Yarse

Thumbnail made by Lynx

Editing by HoHoJoe

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Shot a guy from the sky and let his glider do a perfect landing.... Now that's epic 😂

Author — Eric Msemwa


I hate being early on these videos. the comments are what make these good lol

Author — Levitation Station


I’m on ps4 and haven’t got the update 🤧

Author — Mr. Flabbs


Pubg:lets go
Gta sa:follow the damn train
Iys the real comparison😂😂

Author — Kanchan Pandey


Everytime I play PUBG.. it's about making that TV

Author — Jovi Lewis


I wish all these 3rd person players would start playing 1st k/d would skyrocket....

Author — larsmonsen88


Add Kayminds latest vid clip
timestamp in his video : 5:08

Author — Shaaan


Why don't you guys include any mobile clips?

Author — Greyskull


How to be accurate while spraying without handle?

Author — reTOUCHed AKA. Let's Touch!