Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial - BBC News

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Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial - BBC News 4.5
Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi used to be seen as a symbol of human rights, and spent years under house arrest for promoting democracy.

Now, as Myanmar's civilian leader, she is at the International Court of Justice to defend her country against charges of genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslim minority. She will, in fact, be defending the very people who had previously imprisoned her - the military.

How did this peace icon wind up in the dock?

Video by Nick Beake and Tessa Wong.

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Meanwhile other muslim countries :- we thought we r leaders of muslims but do we did anything for them

Author — Food Nation


Why aren’t rich countries made accountable for their atrocities???
Do rules only apply to poor people ?

Author — Kenny Dave


I have always maintained that the noble prize is politically motivated

Author — Othman Sako


She was and is just a football of Myanmar’s barbarous army.

Author — Buzz Feed


What about Yemen? Isn't that a genocide as well?

Author — Felichia Ritter


i think she is just a mere figurehead for military dictatorship

Author — Dipesh Grg


Though Gambia is a small country but they took a huge step towards peace.

Author — Syeda Ripa


Bravo Gambia! Love for Gambians❤️, whole Muslim umah is seems sleepy but you did great job for Muslims, for humanity ❤️👏

Author — A Khan


She's just another narcissistic opportunist, not a hero

Author — John Eli


Good job! Now hunt the murderers of the Syrian people.

Author — Dee B


It seems around the world, people dislike Muslims and just throw the word “terrorist” as a way to justify crimes against them

Author — C.L Mckenzie


She wasn't peace icon. BBC and CNN made her peace icon for the west. She was the Western puppet from the beginning.

Author — Proton Mass


0:02 NOT THE WORLD, The stupid white man who promoted her for their own agendas tried to make her an icon ...

Author — Youtube Africa


"This tiny west african mus lim country.."
"Its doing this on behalf of a dussin other mus lim countries"
Yepp, no bias here.

Author — Youtube Villain


She is master of masacres of small ethnic group in burma

Author — pediatrics desease


Henry Kissinger, Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Noble Peace Prize is a joke at this point.

Author — SeekerOfTruths


Many thanks #Gambia standing strongly for the Rohingya. Many thanks also to #Canada and the #Netherlands for taking a deep look into the ICJ with Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh will have to play a pivotal role behind the scenes.
I hope that Bangladesh's longtime development partners will play a vital role in the security of their own business in solving the Rohingya problem.
As a conscious citizen, we should aware and wary about this problem.
Thanks for

Author — Emdadul Haq refad


She is my country president her body is look like human she inside look like to animals ..



After watching how BBC reported about Hong Kong, I expect there is also a lot of information ignored intentionally here.

Author — Guangfeng Mao


She's like, we are killing innocent Muslims but Ethnic cleansing is such a strong term.

Author — Hassan Mohammed