Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial - BBC News

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Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial - BBC News 4.5

Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi used to be seen as a symbol of human rights, and spent years under house arrest for promoting democracy.

Now, as Myanmar's civilian leader, she is at the International Court of Justice to defend her country against charges of genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslim minority. She will, in fact, be defending the very people who had previously imprisoned her - the military.

How did this peace icon wind up in the dock?

Video by Nick Beake and Tessa Wong.

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I have always maintained that the noble prize is politically motivated

Author — Othman Sako


She wasn't peace icon. BBC and CNN made her peace icon for the west. She was the Western puppet from the beginning.

Author — Proton Mass


How about the Uyghurs? Will the ICJ put Xi to trial as well? What a joke!

Author — rivenade


So the phrase "either you die as a hero or live long enough to be a villain" was true after all

This women has fall from the grace, shame

Author — Eru Ilùvatar


It makes me wonder sometimes that most of the muslim countries cry for muslims in other countries but they never provide shelter for the affected people.

Author — Abhishek


If it was in the Middle East Same thing happening it would end up with an invasion by nato.

Author — Siyawash Nishat


Why aren’t rich countries made accountable for their atrocities???
Do rules only apply to poor people ?

Author — Kenny Dave


Hey America
Come and save everyone like the movies

Author — Prinz Noir


you either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain

Author — Mr.Brightside


“When you allow the dripping blood of thousands, the pool can drown you” - RMS

Author — R•Δ•M•7•3•3•N


She was and is just a football of Myanmar’s barbarous army.

Author — Buzz Feed


Even the highest peace price can be *Uno Reversed*

Author — Triple I


She is master of masacres of small ethnic group in burma

Author — pediatrics desease


It seems around the world, people dislike Muslims and just throw the word “terrorist” as a way to justify crimes against them

Author — C.L Mckenzie


when the west needs u, they call u a hero, give u nobel prize and all kinds of honors. when they found u are not the puppet they want, u are a criminal and murderer

Author — Po Li


Other ethnic group to like chan, karenni, Karen, and more. The Myanmar army use genocide on them. Now they're escaping to Thailand

Author — RoseGold Gurl


One person's Nobel laureate is another person's Hitler. This is what happened in a country where there's no law.

Author — Dag Koj


She is completely biased and prejudiced

Author — Brenton Woods


Because of Sung As Such Gi, over hundreds thousand people give life for her but at the end she doesn't even speak out and not evrn care of it

Author — Karen boy


Because she love Myanmar dearly, nothing else. The western mainstream media’s are biased against Myanmar.

Author — 徐淼林