The Computer Chronicles - Desktop Publishing Part 1 (1986)

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Thanks for sharing these episodes. Whenever I'm looking to relax and go for a trip down memory lane this is the perfect prescription.

Author — misterhodes


That Radius full page monitor was like having your own spaceship - its really incredible.

Author — MJ


"This is good software you can turn her into a boy" 😂😂😂😂😂 Stewart never fails to make a blasting joke

Author — Nikola


Thanks for sharing these classic TV episodes. I've been hooked on Computer Chronicles lately, for reasons I can't fully explain. I guess I just miss the excitement of the early days of the computer revolution of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, our computers have god-like powers and can do everything we imagine with ease. And, yet, I find myself wishing that I could play around with a classic 16-bit computer like a Mac, ST or Amiga. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I hope this isn't my "mid-life crisis, " because I'd really prefer to drive race cars instead.

Author — Daniel Thomas MacInnes


Wow, that dude moving the cursor from one screen to another was trippy. That's gotta be the earliest example of multiple screen display in the consumer market.

Author — Jesus Zamora


This tech made college and high school so much easier.

Author — Steven Burrell


Is there any show today wherd you can learn everything about fonts?

Also, how nice of Donald Sutherland to find time in his busy schedual to demontrate Desktop Publishing

Author — sudo cat sda1 guy


$90 for an app that checks for e-mail!!! We have come a long way.

Author — dcjlove


How that tiny Mac monitor could be used for that is beyond me. I mean it was even small back then.

Author — lucius1976


This is fantastic, I'm giggling like a loon!

FTW, As an Engineering Student, I used an Apple Mac SE and Aldus Pagemaker to layout my University's Student Union run Newspaper back in '89. It was the first time we converted fully over to digital layout instead of organic, hand-based, cut and paste. The very next year, the Art Students took over again and they went back to manual cut and paste - roflmao!

Author — Tsc Tempest


It was my whole of work ( to built such computer? But now it can be put on 1 square of cm on a silicon chip, hahaha lol XD.
BTW Holy shit, how advanced publishing software already was.

Author — johneygd


Richard Ware: Graphic Artist by day, Porn Star by night.

Author — Morbus


Those macs had such a tiny screen for such intense visual work. 👀

Author — Johnny Longfeather


Waw..! McGraw/Hill Books
Tim McGraw, Faith Hill ....? No relation....

Author — Potato Salad!


Pagemaker. Haven't heard that for awhile.

Author — Eric B


Desktop Publishing on the Crapintrash... Bah.

Author — Bucminster