Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr's pushback of Trump

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Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr's pushback of Trump 4.5
Exclusive: Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday.'

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Chris-how much is Jeff Zucker paying you? Just switch stations and go home.

Author — butch otey


Mc Cabe deserves more than a hand slap...I'm willing to wait till all investigations are complete. Reluctantly.

Author — Virginia Conway


Remember, Chris Wallace's dad was Mike Wallace that answers it all.

Author — John Smith


Chris is out-classed in this interview.

Author — Britestr621


Will Mr. Trump respect...? Chris Wallace is a partisan media hack.

All gloves are off when it comes to Trump with Chris.

Author — Israel 'Femi Alade


I don’t care if this clown has a contract get rid of Wallace 🤬🤮

Author — Italian Pitbull


As usual Kellyanne walked all over partisan hack Chris Wallace.

Author — vrnc M


Fox News is becoming CNN and Chris Wallace is the reason.

Author — Seahawks Tom tom


Mike Wallace is consistently rude to female conservatives when he has some on his show

Author — Marimilitarybrat


I love it when Kellyanne put Chris on the defensive side of his own issues and program. Ha, Ha

Author — alawn


Good Lord, what has happened to Christ Wallace. Years ago I wasn't really sure what his politicial affilitations were. Now he is acting like the other ultra liberal MSM hacks. I'm afraid he has caught the TDS bug. God help him!!!

Author — leonardo123


Hey Wallace, you really bit off far more than you can chew when you interviewed Kellyanne. She owned you, matey, from start to finish.

Author — Vig orniensis


Chris Wallace can shut his mouth and stop interrupting, the little worm.

Author — Quinn Robson


"People TALK about what OFFENDS them, but then VOTE about what AFFECTS THEM" - Kellyanne Conway

Gosh, she hit the nail on the head with this quote, BRAVO!

Author — K.O. 11:11


Chris was never this nasty to Obama officials. And he's overlooking the fact that McCabe is not completely off the hook.

Author — Fat Albert


I can't enjoy watching Wallace! He thinks he's all that and his mouth looks like a ventriloquist doll on crack!!!

Author — L G


Chris Wallace is such a jerk, if I knew it was him I wouldn’t give him a click 🤢

Author — Pam Gilley


Kellyanne cannot be stumped. As hard as Chris tries to get a "Gotcha" moment, he fails.

Author — Trump Zilla


i am only watching this interview for miss Kellyanne

Author — Mathew Omolo


Chris is a complete tool

We are done we are done...

Author — audiotomb