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To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent in 2008 almost 10 months on Tofua, an island in the Pacific Ocean with only a machete and a swiss knife as a tool, not using the obolete construction left by the last inhabitants.
It is a psychological true story between solitude and loneliness.
After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen.

Ce film existe aussi en version originale française , Xavier explique dans sa langue maternelle ses souffrances et ses joies. Cette version est un peu différente de celle en anglais.

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How have I not found this earlier, this must be one of the most unique videos on YouTube..

Author — Soyan Osman


Very Beautiful! his face when he got called to help for the first time with the injured finger!! We are truly social creatures..

Author — Somaya.G سمية جمال


Youtube just recommend me this video now and it's worth watching. What a courage! ❤️

Author — Ideal Motivation


I just want to say I loved it... God bless you🙏♥️💐

Author — Rajini express


This is why I love Youtube more than any other social media

Author — Chawan & Hemin Vlogs


"i can only talk to my self, but i always agree with me" LMAO!!!!

Author — Terrell Matthews


I cried when piggy disappeared. Really. I am grown man but the way Xavier told about this touched me deeply. Magnificent video and experience. Thank you for this.

Author — 777moneymaker


I've finished every crime video on YouTube and this is the start of my documentary addiction.

Author — Miranda


I was stressed for not getting a good job but this man changed my mind.

Author — Kiffayat Ali


Guy: "You learn to be patient"
Pig: *Demonic Screeching*

Author — Prime Nova


why did it make me so happy listening to him talk about his bench

Author — Zach Smith


The pig friendship is amazing! The best part!

Author — goncalves ktm


Easy to watch ...NOT easy to live. We can never understand how he feel when he left the "home"

Author — Autism Is Gift


"After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen." - This statement is so true. I watched the whole way through.

Author — Astro_Otaku


One of the best YouTube video's I've ever seen, if not the best. Amazing video.

Author — Absolute Motivation


”Im just alone you know - i cant say ’eeey yaaa Woohoo’ you know?” Ledgend!

Author — Mee Mee


I searched for 'Surviving in the wild' two years ago and found this video.
Now i found it again.
I am so happy, I am remembering the experiences I had while watching this, thinking wow, one day this will be me.

Author — Bois Mod (Seashell and Andooshe)


Respect to this guy he made 2 verse one in English and other one French

Author — Official Draco


I dont know why but I had this feeling that I dont want the video to end. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience of having a glimpse of your journey.

Author — The Empath's Backyard Ara


I feel like i just watched a 5 star documentary for free.

Author — ExactlySandwich