Let's Build THE WORLDS | Perran Street | Pt 1 | Brindleton Bay

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Well, here we are my darlings,

The final lot for Brindleton Bay! Perran street is a small Cornish street with a bakery, a pub, a vet clinic and a "Co-op" store! This is a small start, but we got the bare bones down. I'll be back on Thursday with part 2, ENJOY!


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Brindleton Bay must be your best work so far! Cant wait for other worlds In your creation. If you could, I would love to see you make a house or a family with Slavic roots or aesthetic. Back in Newcrest when you have don many different houses and households you can see in UK I found it sad you did not include any Eastern European people, as a Polish person who has a lot of friends and family there and knows how many Poles, Ukrainians etc. live on the Islands I love seeing myself and my culture represented in a non offensive way I believe you could deliver as you always do. I know this might not be in the aesthetic you have planned for any world you are about to build for now but please, think about it. Love from Polish hell!!!

Author — Zuzia Galant


Have you built a laundrette in this world? Because I think something to the right of the corner shop would like quite good. Very British as well

Author — Ethan Polley


Gift shop, pet shop, small bookshop, florists, gym, charity shop.

Author — TheYorkshireSimmer 83


I'm so sad that wonderful mutli-use lots like this aren't really functional in the game- there couldn't be a working pub and a working vet in the same lot, not with appropriate staff. It's one of my most wanted features, but I guess it might stress the engine too much : (

Author — Ann Hitchins


There are always loads of charity shops whenever I go to anywhere in the South West of the UK. Maybe a RNLI one to match the landscape? Also maybe a local makers shop? Thinking pottery/random stuff from Nifty Knitting/Needlework from Cottage Living; locally made mugs/jams/candles/soaps. There's one where my in-laws live and the space is given free by the local council.

Author — Magic and Plans


i'm so excited for this to be the last lot. i really enjoy these multiple-business community lots you've made for these let's build series, thinking back to the promenade in LB newcrest

Author — Lawrence Foster Jenkins


Can't believe we're on the last build for Brindleton Bay, we've had some very interesting characters in this save file. But then you always make interesting characters lol. Looking forward to seeing how this build develops.

Author — Haero Erin


The Co-op needs some bike locks. Maybe you could use some painting sized up for the random photos of people eating fruit? They also put seasonal things in the window that they don’t take down. So Easter is way into august.

Author — Ethan Polley


The last lot!!! It's bittersweet 🥹 so excited for the next world though! Hope you're having a lovely time in Greece soaking in all the beautiful sights and smells, y'all absolutely deserve it! My two favorite girl bands are T.a.Tu and Wilson Phillips 🍻💙

Author — Thicktoast


I just LOVEEEE it when you do a commercial lot. There's a lot of creativity going on here! 😍

Author — MindyyyyyP.


I don’t remember many of the brindleton bay houses having computers so I think a tiny little Internet cafe would be a cute idea.
Especially for the kiddos around the area😃

OH!! & a bait shop of sorts for all the fishermens around!!

Author — Meet Randomness


Aww I'm going to miss Brindleton Bay! I could really feel your love from Devon/Cornwall going into these builds. I know it's your least favorite world, but I can't wait for you to get to Oasis Springs someday. It's based on the Palm Springs area and I know you'd do midcentury modern builds so well!

Author — thatguynamedben


Can’t believe this is the final build! Really looking forward to this, love a shop lot! (Actually the first vid I watched from you was the promenade lot in Newcrest!) Hope you’re having an amazing holiday! Enjoy and relax

Author — Kieran Cahill


Really interesting looking build. I'm excited to see the next steps. You always makes these shops feel alive and real.

Author — Manu M.


Absolutely love this world, would love to see sulani or oasis springs next!

Author — Nicola Gordon


That co-op is spot on 😂👏 all you need is a little post office and news'n'booze shop next to it haha

Author — Kelly Jay


I absolutely love watching your videos. It always makes me smile and laugh. Thank you for just being your wonderful self. ❤️

Author — Shonna Kaldwell


What about having a thriftea and boba tea on the lot as well? Love this series so much💜

Author — Ingrid Skarland


Happy Birthday Hope your having a fantastic time!!!

Author — Steph88jones


Lovely start to the last build for Brindleton Bay. I can't wait for this save file. I hope you are enjoying your holiday.

Author — Blewbird Bre