Amanpour presses Mattis: Why didn't you resign when Trump said this?

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Amanpour presses Mattis: Why didn't you resign when Trump said this? 4.5

CNN's Christiane Amanpour presses President Trump's former Secretary of Defense James Mattis about his resignation letter.

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Wise and charming Christiane Amanpour, always interesting, always polite, but always sharp and penetraiting.

Author — verioffkin


Message for Mattis: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Quote by Edmund Burke

Author — Truth91


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. (Albert Einstein)

Author — Sha SA


This isn't an interview, it's 11 minutes of Amanpour trying to get an honorable man to bash Trump. Very happy to see her fail.

Author — Winston Groovy


4:12 - Whats that bomb whistle sound in the background? Mattis' ring tone? 🤔

Author — Ganiscol


What a twisted world. A decorated general had to bow to a bone spur.

Author — brian woo


Christine wants him to trash Trump on multiple times in her interview of Mattis. He doesn't bite.

Author — Vincenzo Valenti


I still think that this general became highly politicised towards the end of his service. He is spinning rather than straight talking. My opinion.

Author — Sivanesan Nadarajah


Rebuild the military? Rebuild from what? When was the US without a fully active military?

Author — Mimi 78


I can't say anything about anything but I wrote a book about it

Author — Paul


The no backbone is connected to the bone spur. Dem both dry bones.

Author — Joe


Why write and sell your book before a time you feel you are actually able to offer any insight or opinion on literally anything that has happened or is happening? Oh right, money.

Author — screamingchimp


If there's one thing I get from this interview. "DON'T BUY HIS BOOK!"

Author — Rheller82


His book title should have been...No balls then ...Even less now!

Author — antony michael


Everything he says applies ONLY when the commander-in-chief is COMPETENT! And SANE! This is mealy mouth BS!

Author — Jilian Hannah


Colonel As The secretary of defense's position of command and authority over the U.S. military is second only to that of the president ... BUT ... Oath to this country should be hold as no one is above the law I believe you can recall this? "... defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

Author — Vortex Scale


9:56 This was the most telling part of this entire interview.... He talks about how the defense budget was shot down.

Author — K Wallace


Is the military really apolitical when every mess hall NCO and officers club TV is running fox news 24/7 on tax payer funded so called defense Force network broadcast ?

Author — Mdlclass Worker


I understand his reluctance but his stance is rather hypocritical in light of his criticism of Obama under whom he served as commander of CENTCOM.

Author — Pogo


if you're not going to tell it all, I don't wanna hear it!

Author — Mel Smith