Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot vs the Regular Boulder Boot! It's a boot off baby!

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Lets makes some of my favorite shoes and the boulder boot is one of the best. The waterproof are great for those who like to adventure out door where as the regular is more for the casual wear. Either way whichever one you pick to fit your lifestyle you won’t be disappointed!
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Long term fan of lems - I would recommend trying the trailhead for hikes. I have the trailheads (hikes and casual) bolderboot mid (work) and primal 2s for gym and home - I had the Mesa but returned due to a faulty heel guard and replaced them with the trailheads and have been more than happy

Author — Paul


loved the all genders(/all expressions of it) inclusion!! :)

Author — C C


Came here from your Mott & Bow/Western Rise vid! I just got my first pair of Lems Primal 2’s last month, they’re awesome, currently considering a pair of the Boulder Boots.

One brand I’d suggest is Ahinsa, they have the barefoot style but come in more “business-y” styles (I got the Bindu 2 Bare Brown, it has loafer vibes).

Great vid!

Author — Real Bayzn


Helpful video thanks! The website says to order half a size larger than my standard shoe size. I wear a 10.5 vans so I ordered a size 11 in the waterproof boulder. Did you go a half size up as well?

Author — Stephen Fitzpatrick


Did you find that the waterproofing makes your feet sweat more?

Author — Theo Risoe


For the vegan boot, I only see black and brown colors available. Did they used to have other colors? Which color do you think looks more professional for an office setting?

Author — Neil oppa


Mate you get on some Jordan Peterson and make your bloody bed lol.

Author — Mark Harrison


Has anyone tried Scotchguard on the vegans to get some water resistance/proofing?

Author — Elliott McFadden


Lems are ugly, no customer service, $8 to exchange, feel cheap and feel like they won't last.

Author — Marc Z9