The Most Profound VR Experience I've Had Yet - Sol in Elite Dangerous VR

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Elite Dangerous in VR is awe inspiring. Getting the Sol permit to visit our solar system though, was something different. How to get the sol permit was an absurdly difficult grind but to see the sun in VR, to visit the earth and to orbit the moon in virtual reality was a bucket list item I did not know I had. VR games are usually incredible, but this felt different.

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This is literally my favorite YouTube channel. It’s not just mindless garbage or making fun of vulnerable people, there is a purpose and a message in all of his videos and I absolutely love it

Author — The Serial Shitter


If you think the grind is bad for the sol permit, just wait until you decide you want a federal corvette...

Author — Kaeden Lindberg


3:10 "It's home! It's the sun!"

He's so genuinely happy. I'm getting emotional for him. And the ending "love yourself, I hope something genuinely good happens to you today" hit hardest on this video. Thanks Habie, love the content.

Author — ghhn


"The grind to get that permit is excruciating."

People who have grinded out the Corvette: "Heh."

Author — 457jinzo


There should be a "tourist permit" where you're allowed to visit Sol so long as you don't have any weapons on your ship



Sorry to tell you this habie but I got my Sol permit in like 2 hours by going to Ceos and doing courier and data deliveries between two systems, and I also made 14 million credits doing scannings of the systems while traveling there, still haven't actually gone to Sol yet though cause I joined the Earth Defense Squadron and I want to rank up. :(

Author — 0PERATOR


We are back with elite dangerous huh seems me and you have a thing in common habie we cant escape this game

Author — Wolfpack Night


You DEFINETLY NEED to play Space Engine in VR. Its the universe 1:1 scale with every known object in space and the rest is generated. You can step on exoplanets, fly spaceships and make your own planets

Author — SciFinn


"'s home!"

Jesus, Habs, how did I feel that so hard?

Author — Scott Dickson


The first time I came upon a Supernova or a Purple Star, I just sat there in more than unexplainable awe. It was amazing, terrifying, and beautiful at the same time. o7 Habie!

Author — Dylan Woodcock


Raise your hand if you almost cried when he said, "No matter how much you may think you're alone, you literally can't be."

Author — Highway to Paris, TX


The way you word things makes it so emotional. The way you just say “Home.”

That’s it.

We’re home.

And no matter how much frozen rocks and gassy spheres we discover and explore, this is our home.

Author — Not_So_Weird


Elite dangerous is simultaneously the most terrifying and beautiful experience

Author — Bladdyboi


Your level of wholesomeness is exactly what I need every day of my life and I (and likely many others) appreciate you to the marble and back you bloody legend. AND NO I HOPE SOMETHING GENUINELY GOOD HAPPENS TO YOU TODAY KING!

Author — Gape


This is very interesting.

But not as interesting as the unnecessary gun bolt racking scandal.

Author — Jacen Solo


Smart, articulate, funny, entertaining and kind. These things in combination do not belong on the internet anymore. …yet, here they are. Remarkable and extraordinary.

Author — Michael Elia


As an astronomer this hit hard. Elite dangerous is a masterpiece for so many reasons but you found the main one.

Author — The Angry Astronomer


How do you have so few subs? Your comedy, your timing, your editing, and everything is just perfect. This is what I want in a YouTube video.

Author — Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries


Our own solar system is beautiful, and you made me like it more. Flying around our Solar system in Elite Dangerous VR is an experience I haven't felt yet (currently I'm in Ehecatl), but I've already got the Sol permit, so it's most likely going to be my next objective after I finish the rest of my missions.

Author — 7enon


Literally the most wholesome, fun, and welcoming channel I’ve found since I was a kid. Keep it up Habie 🍻

Author — SimpleMindedGaming