BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 - Awesome Bike

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

2016 BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 - Design.

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is the final highlight of our “Iconic Impulses” tour. This is the first time all four Vision Vehicles will make a joint appearance. You will have a chance to see all of them later.
Together, they create a clear picture of tomorrow’s individual mobility.

In our centennial year, we chose the motto THE NEXT 100 YEARS: Because our vision is nothing less than that. On March 7th – it was a very special moment for me as CEO to mark the start of the next 100 years, together with the next generation, in Munich.

The four central issues in this transformation will be what could be called the ACES. This stands for: Automated, Connected, Electrified, and Shared. Our Strategy Number ONE - NEXT provides answers to all of the new challenges. Our vision is: To be Number ONE. To inspire people on the move. To shape tomorrow’s individual premium mobility.

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O capacete é indispensável. No caso do mercado brasileiro, a falta de lugar para um carona é um pecado mortal. Nós gostamos de viajar de moto em dupla.

Author — Jorge Lima


it can be easily run in indian roads... its awesome

Author — manish nayak


since it's made by BMW im going to go out on a limb and assume it either doesn't come with turn signals, or they don't work.

Author — h3lix86


Wwoww nice invisible helmet 😳 now that's important stuff

Author — Rajat Gawande


Honestly, I just need the goggles and the suit. Haha

Author — Mekongman


The design and animation is cool but... I can't help noticing the low resolution BMW logo image map the animator used for such a good video...

Author — Witonosfreestyle


Do the augmented reality goggles fit inside a helmet? It doesn't look like it does. BMW should design a helmet with augmented reality pull down visor instead of goggles....and make it work with map apps like Waze or google maps.

Author — edb strung


I guess they will remove all bumbs from the roads in the future also. Otherwise bike without springs and absorbers would be a bit hard ride, if driven more than 40km/h.

Author — MLi


BMW Please change switch on the turning indicator on hand indication. Don't lift up hand while Riding it's dangerious.

Author — khushalsingh bisen


Es curioso que un diseño futuro vuelva al pasado. De dónde sacarían la idea de poner los intermitentes con el gesto de la mano?, para eso ya indico con el brazo directamente. Si se dedicaran a diseñar una k1200, sin ser una boxer, mejor les iría. Es el modelo mas popular y el que mas fama les ha dado. Espero que algún día vuelvan a hacer motos.

Author — Miguel Angel


This bike is very nice and what is the prize of this bick



The company has a profit of telling lies and selling this bike😂😂



That helmet should allow you to text and take selfies while driving.

Author — Zouhair Mudakka


Let me test that BMW up on Skyline Blvd and then zippin down 84 to the PCH. Down to Santa Cruz for lunch and back up 17 to 280 and back to Palo Alto. No simulation here

Author — Mr. GTO


the future is near in america maybe but not so much here

Author — Joshua Basa


straight out of japanese anime with Bollywood physics ! did you really pay for the design ? hire my nephew please !

Author — Moto Paganda