Athens and Side-Trips

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Athens and Side-Trips 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | The thriving capital of Greece sprawls out from the foot of its magnificent Acropolis. We'll tour the must-sees of ancient Athens: the Parthenon, Agora, and amazing National Archaeological Museum. We'll take the fast-paced pulse of the modern city, but waste no time getting to Rick's favorite side-trip destinations: the ruins of the mystical oracle at Delphi and a fast boat to the romantic, traffic-free isle of Hydra.

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Greetings from iraq(Mesopotamia) to greece and Her people

Author — محمد عمر فاروق G1 A


Come on Greece is just heaven the islands the beaches the food the people the architecture EVERYTHING IS JUST SO GOOD

Author — Scrim Herolex


"if my existence is essentially meaningless, then my comments will be meaningless too." - Aristotle

Author — DrFunkles


GO TO people, fabulous food, fabulous history....GO GO GO what are you waiting for

Author — Lush


Amazed by the history of Ancient Greece.  It is a must go for me.

Author — SaffronCity


Delphi, my hometown. Thank you Mr. Rick Steves for your work.

Author — MusicHistory100


acropolis new museum is amazing, google or google earth

Author — ann partoon


My humble respect to greeks from india. You guys were fabulous architects .Byzentium was the father of mordern architecture.. visit our hindu temples they are great too

Author — drc ula


19:30 this is what you came here to see.

Author — Andrew Jackson


My husband says that he totally ignored his favorite part about Hydra: it was an island FULL of cats. Cats were everywhere

Author — Laura Muse


"They gained syllables" - thank you, Rick!

Author — Lokman Merican


It's nice to see something positive and up-beat!  I'm married to an 'Athenian' and only get all the doom and gloom about the economy.
I could go some Gyro now! :)

Author — Matt Gerrard


Every time I watch a Rick Steves show I want to move to that place!

Author — 1sunstyle


Back again next week to The Peloponese. After my home in Cornwall, favourite place on earth.

Author — Butch 78


1:18 crete is part of Greece as well,

Author — S4A


1:25 You see that large island below the green coloured land that is identified as Greece? That is Crete, an island of Greece...

Author — CyGrGuy


I visited 20 years ago and now I wanna go back.

Author — swampzoid


Thank you for this preview Rick, will be going to Athens & Santorini next Sept 2016, so hopefully will check out all the places you feature here...

Author — 888mannie


Wow 😮 one of my favorite 🌎 planet so unique looks like very peaceful place to go thanks 🙏 again sir Steve great effort god bless and peace

Author — ARELA彰


"the king gave a balcony from this speech" Steve, hahahhaha!!

Author — lilian Bonus