Gingrich op-ed: Trump doesn’t play tic-tac-toe, he plays chess

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Gingrich op-ed: Trump doesn’t play tic-tac-toe, he plays chess 5
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says President Trump believes that if the Democrats embrace the radical wing of their party Republicans will win in 2020. #FoxNews

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The President knows exactly what he is doing! God Bless him!! Trump

Author — Bob Davis


The moment every dem raised their hand on open borders, they lost.

Author — UFOlogist


“The Squad” still playing Candyland, Chutes & Ladders and of course, the race card.

Author — The last iconoclast


Everyone I know in NH applauds the President

Author — R. Ann Rousseau


America's domestic enemy #1: the Democratic Party.

Author — DavidElCid300


Now the entire Democratic Party are known Radicals.

Author — Raw Bacon


Love our President! FINALLY a pres who defends patriotic American citizens!

Author — Jan A


I am too busy enjoying the economic boom to worry about how Republicans and Trump will keep it going.

That said, I can sleep at night knowing that Republicans and Trump are in charge.

Author — Hi Hu


Mr Gingrich I love you lose 30 lbs and be around alot longer please we need your opinions.

Author — Sherry Lewis


President trump is what America needed badly

Author — Bill Courtney


Apparently, Princess Nancy of California has replaced HRC in galvanizing the Republican base for 2020. Like HRC, Nancy has forgotten that labelling your adversary (remember "deplorable") can spell disaster at the polls.

Author — Joe Grundman


The “racist” card is over played. I don’t even care anymore.

Author — Carl Giuliano


I absolutely agree with Newt Gingrich that the President is playing chess, but I would also contend that he's "artful" as well. He's not a "polished" politician, so he talks like an average American and he connects with the average American in a way no other politician, including Ronald Reagan, has ever connected.

Author — Soulaesthete


Hakeem looks as trustworthy as a crack dealer in a Chicago ally around 2am

Author — VIPE


Fox missed the point that Gingrich was making, unifying the dems is what Trump could be wanting. To say that your a dem means your anti American.

Author — jack booten


He's appointed of GOD to drain the swamp "We the Patriots" pray! Bye, bye swamp creatures, your going down! Amen!

Author — Sister Liberty


Newt, , , Dems actions are simply crazy, they are INSULTING to our freedom and country.

Author — Katherine Coles


They are Communists that hate Americans and America! You must call them that every chance you get

Author — Planet Bolshevik


President Trump only plays Grand Master Chess ♟ God Bless America ♞ and President Trump 🇺🇸

Author — Silence is not Golden


All those who thinks President Trump is dumb, can't spell etc is foolish & extremely gullible. The Dems & MSM fall for his games each time. They go off on one over a tweet and media goes crazy, whilst they are busy he's taking down corrupt policies. Checkmate every time

Author — Welsh73&77