Bithiri Sathi Eats GHMC Rs 5 Meals | Satirical Conversation With Savitri | Teenmaar News | V6 News

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Bithiri Sathi Eats GHMC Rs 5 Meals | Satirical Conversation With Savitri | Teenmaar News | V6 News 4.5
Bithiri Sathi had a satirical conversation with news presenter Savitri over GHMC Rs 5 meals. GHMC recently launched a pilot project offering hot and hygienic meals for the poor at Rs 5 at Nampally Sarai close to the railway station.

Watch V6 special program Teenmaar news with Savitri, Bithiri Sathi in a Telangana slang.

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kcr sir give a chance for telangana brand amdoser for #bithirisathi he is a suitable for that position.... thank you

Author — shaik ameerbasha


Its wrong not TS govt sponsored its only partnership.the main sponsor #HARE RAM HARE KRISHNA ...association

Author — Giridhar Sai Gutha


it's sponcered by ISKCON (HARE KRISHNA) with TS government.

Author — naveen ramagiri


but it is not for all the people it only for the people who don't have food for atleast one time day



5 rps ki eadhe raddu erojulo alantidhe lenivalaki ela food pedthunanuku KCR GARIKI thanks

Author — Mahi Maganti


oka poota kuda dorukani peda variki kaani porambokulaku kadu

Author — lovely 143 meghana


dont give credit alone to ghmc

true is that
these are run by AKSHAYAPATRA foundation along with GHMC
please make a note
and we should appreciate AKSHAYAPATRA FOUNDATION ...

Author — Krishna Prasad


telangana government take a grate idea ...very good
but plz sir farmers kosam kuda alochinchamdi kcr sir .plz

Author — raj janu


Great Telangana in future
jai Telangana
jai KCR

Author — Catch If You Can


This scheme should help to deserve peoples

Author — Md Jaweed


super sir hatsoof this program conduct

Author — Swamy Kumar


thank hare krsna movement for their coordination

Author — kavitha Krishna


savi3 antay istamunna vallu like chaiyandi sathi ni like chaisay vallu comment chaiyandi

Author — prashanth nallagonda


iscon temple fund isthunaru.anthe Gani

Author — nemmani ramana


satanna repu kcal sir maa tirupati kostundu choosko.script ready chesuko.waiting 👍

Author — Pranav M.D


at last...ninda tinnam 5 rupailakey...😂😂😂😂

Author — SRAVVAN


Peda valla kosam pedite....Vela rupayalu sampadinche vallu dobbi tinestunnaru

Author — makn 99


Hi CM sir,
This food should give to old people and below property line people but I cannot see shuch kind of people please change the system
As my humble request identity such kind of people in sorunding give one card to them it is help full

Author — venkata krishna


We have to appreciate govt because this is good scheme for people who feels hungry.

Author — Urmila Bandaru


Test leni food . okati okariki saripodu. oka spoon chak I, I oka spoon curry, okate sari rice pedatharu vest.

Author — Naveen n Naveen n