The future of medical technology

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The future of medical technology 5
My thoughts on what we will see coming our way in the medical field both near and far term.

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I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:

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These kinds of videos need to be on Trending.

Author — Mr IY Vlogs


He started to choke up at the end talking about ALS and him Mum,
So sad 😰

Author — Rory Kirkland


7:17 His voice just starts shaking, but my tears came out already T=T

Author — Ben Jordan-Webster


Mark, I have a question. You are a mechanical engineer, yet you have a vast knowledge of many sciences which is seen in your other videos. How did you receive that knowledge, do you do research for your videos? Or have you learned it before? If so where did you learn it?

Author — Krish Patel


Being in the medical field, I'm a huge supporter of Knowledge is Power! We can't, or rather shouldn't, rely on doctors to be solely responsible for our treatments/care. Ultimately, it's YOUR life.

Author — adam mac


Powerful ending Mark. Thanks for sharing

Author — Lifelong Learners


I saw the Studio C sign on the door! Aren't you in one of the sketches? It's the stranded island one right? That's my favorite sketch!!!

Author — SpiceToTheMax


Your videos have always been wonderful and educational. Keep it up Mark!!

Author — Emhyr Subramanian


A man who doesnt post alot but when he does... its gonna be a good sht

Author — zhawin


Tell Ann to tell her sister to fix notifications.
Edit: HAHAHAHAHA Look even this comment is being frozen of replies b/c they don't want us talking about it! Thing says there's 15 replies and none of them are being shown!

Author — Uriah Siner


How many other people love this guy? Because I know I do!

Author — CatWith_a_Gat


You make me cry witout trying
❤️All the Best from me

Author — Thor Hagen


Who saw the studio C sticker on the wall!

Author — SilversRayleigh


Some say the glass is half-full, some say it is half-empty. An engineer looks at it and says "We have fifty percent too much glass here."

Author — KDub350


You should go meet up with smarter every day
Everybody like this so he sees it

Author — Boden Dwyer


We could make a religion out of this.

Author — Wobin


the tremble in your voice at the end made me shed some

Author — InfiniteTony


Sorry to hear about your mum. I raise my hands to people like you who have the strength and persistence to chnage people like us your community thus changing the world. Wishing you all the best 🤗🤗🤗

Author — Jamie Waterson


LOL "it has worked really well in the past like repairing our ozone layer and the nuclear non-proliferation treaty"

Author — Sean Hogan


Cutting onions at the end of the video... Nbd

Author — Greg Buckingham