This is why we love sports ● Emotional moments ● FULL HD

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This is why we love sports ● Emotional moments ● FULL HD 4.5
Enjoy some of the most emotional moments in the history of Sports. Have fun!
Please don't get mad because your rival club is in there or something, just enjoy the beauty of sports.
Don't be to harsh with me - didn't edit for a long time now...
All rights reserved - I do not own any of the footage used.

- 1st song: Zack Hemsey - The way
- 2nd song: Audiomachine - The new earth

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Maybe if i finded this video when i was 15 years old i wouldn't give up at football, biggest regret of my life! Very touching video and i hope you will help somebody to not chose the easy path and quit but to chose to fight for their dreams

Автор — Grow Successful



Автор — Pato Rodriguez


Guys, this video was meant to unite people, because sport is something we all can identify with. I really don't want to see people fighting here. Furthermore, please understand that I cannot put 20 different sports into the video (e.g. hockey). In my opinion it is no reason to dislike because "your sport" isn't in the video. Just enoy it, and please stop fighting because of favorite teams or something.

Автор — Sportsclips 2207


This video shows us why people love sports and how they favor specific teams or players. Time-span 1:07 The last second of the game was the most thrilling moment of the game.

Автор — LoveMe,com


wrong title. This is why we love epic music.

Автор — SapereAude


I love cricket

Because it is 2nd most popular game in the world without any olympic game

Автор — Star Boy


These aren't really emotional moments... (Other then that tennis guy with the earring) These are just last second winners or victory celebrations. We wanna see people cry and go out of their mind, otherwise don't call it emotional moments.

Btw great editing

Автор — The CRSIN


did anyone notice the score for the last basketball clip ?

Автор — Anij John


i think this was a great video but i think you should have added in when man city won the premier league title when they were 2-1 down against QPR, the Aguero... gets me every time

Автор — jack jacques


O cara que passou no meio de todos os jogadores
Que cena meu, QUE CENA <3

Автор — marcia oliveira


You really have to make another one 👌🏻👌🏻

Автор — raph Khalife


ICC WORLD CUP 2011 Dhoni is Missing !!!

Автор — A Sharma


good video :)
sport is emotional and touching sometimes more than art.

Автор — everything will be fine we are all humans


nice video man. you deserve more subscribers than what you have

Автор — Raúl Zurita Santana


I hate when pirlo is crying
it made me cry wlhi

Автор — Salman Yare


Lets give up on studies, shall we, #LoveSports

Автор — Aryan Dadheech


Some of these are just emotional if u understand the play and sport. Btw good editing

Автор — Elliot Nilsson


ill give you props sir this was very nicely put together especially with the variety of sports

Автор — Mofasa


Dude said Tennis guy with the earring.... eh hem.... that "guy" has won every major on all surfaces, a gold medal etc. he's an American tennis icon, the legend, Andre Agassi

Автор — sputnikalgrim


Me: I hate crying

Me: clicks this video

Me: I hate myself * crying a river of tears *

Автор — Karma